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Is The Trump Honeymoon Over

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A few months prior I mentioned that should Trump win the election there’s going to be a temporary cooling off period. Several bloggers have been using the term “trump honeymoon” to describe it. However the key word I want to draw to your attention is temporary. Just a few months later and already the sabres are being re-sharpened. Is the Trump honeymoon over already?

First off China is not going to be intimidated by the US. My thoughts are as follows.  The territorial dispute that’s currently taking place in the South China Sea serves as an open window opportunity for the warmongering west to make its presence felt. However over past decades the balance of power has shifted. Long term it amounts to little more than when Ralm Emanuel publicly stated “you never let a serious crises go to waste“. But China won’t be intimidated, not this time and not any longer. Paradigm shifts are a bitch when you’re on the declining edge.

Hate to keep bringing this point up but Technology Changes Everything! Any major nuclear confrontation between Russia, China or the US and no one wins!  New technologies have allowed the balance of power to shift into what’s become more equalized. The current balance of power is on a much more even plane.

No longer is there only one superpower in the arena. Americans will have to face facts, we’re all not living in the 50’s or 60’s any longer. The combination of both a closed mind and a generous portion of ignorance has already cost Americans an enormously high price. How much longer will they continue to pay is anyone’s guess. Currently rigid ego’s are writing checks that cannot be cashed and if the ignorance continues, the same will be said about its currency sometime into the future. As I’ve always mentioned the USD may be the last one standing, but standing and surviving are two different paths. This is not my opinion, my personal opinion means little this is historical fact. Over millennia this fact has been repeated time and time again.

Sorry protectionism won’t work, it never has. Over the long run nothing can change the natural flow of the markets. By understanding this you’ll end up surfing the crest. By not understanding you’ll be swallowed in its trough.

Post WW2 the Dollar replaced the Sterling as the reserve currency. For decades Americans have ignored an essential constant we all share, which of course is change. Decades long changes have shifted the western nation from an exporting and manufacturing powerhouse to nothing more than a nation of consumers.

One example I could use would be the automotive industry. Long ago automotive manufacturing shifted to foreign lands. If you think that Trump’s favoring protectionism will have any meaningful long term effects… you’re mistaken. Other than the creation of a few new jobs the long term is bleak. Long term if it’s still beneficial for manufactures to be somewhere other than the US they will do so. At that point in time Trump’s protectionism abruptly shifts and it’s you the consumer residing in the US that will be paying the added tariffs if you want that BMW Mercedes or Toyota.

To further my point sales of GM cars and trucks are greater in China than in America. It should come as no coincidence they’ve been that way for quite some time. Other examples of industry that fled alongside the automotive industry includes heavy equipment, most technologies, motorcycles, recording equipment, photography, computers, cell phones actually all forms of electronics. Fact is far too many industries have already shifted east to be mentioned in one short post.

Before moving on to the main focus of this post I’d like to suggest for any lingering naysayers the following words of recommendation. Consider removing that patriotic flagpole out of your ass and get real. Stop clinging to we’re number one, because you’re not and for decades haven’t been. My home nation (as it usually does) is following the west into the deepest part of its own commode. Currently every man woman and child in Canada is averaging slightly over 40,000 in debt. With those kind of numbers it’s rather obvious Canada’s in a deep toilet of its own. It saddens me but real is real and so we as Canadians must deal with it or will perish right alongside our neighbors in the US. I assure you the same holds true for every nation. It’s not about the nation it’s about the numbers, it’s about the trends.

Crossing China’s border let’s enter the Russian scene for a bit. Think Putin’s not serious regarding what’s been said concerning the relationship shared between Iran and Russia. Anybody still feel he’ll be one to be daunted? I can tell you this much. When any person upholds the level of power equal to the President of a superpower nation YET can exhibit the degree of tolerance that Putin has exemplified, he is many things but ignorant is not one of them.

Why do you think he made sure to exhibit this humbleness in front of the entire world? Perhaps he too agrees with Emanuel about “you never let a serious crises go to waste“. Putin’s a chess player till the very end. For him it’s all about strategy. If you think I’m mistaken that’s fine, but I urge you to compare the approval ratings on Putin’s behalf and then compare them with the West. You’ll soon find out industry isn’t the only thing that’s shifted east. Revisiting my original question, Will Putin be daunted by the west? I hardly think so especially with the current level of confidence both China and Russia share in their relations.

Shifting gears I want to ask you a question that’s been on my mind for a long time now. Is it me or does anybody seem to feel we’re just traveling round and round in circles, predetermined repetitive circles? Yet we always end up back where we started from. It’s as if it’s “one calm before the storm” after another. In a continuous loop we attempt to chase truth similar to a cat chasing its own tail. The chaos never stops, so neither do we, chasing circles within circles. I’m asking that you watch the video below. To a large degree the video probes into the exact question that I’m asking.

Radio Mysterium: Trauma Based Truth Control

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What if our obsession becomes our addiction? What if it already has? By habitually diving deeper into the abyss, what if we’re developing a panic type mindset? What if that was part of the plan all along… using your trauma to trigger your fear followed by your obedience. It’s not far fetched to think so. It’s proven to be an effective way of producing Trauma based mind control. What if all along part of the plan was to keep you locked in truth seeking?

Think about this a bit deeper. If it were, then many of you would be doing exactly what it is that you’re currently doing. You’d be endlessly chasing one headline after another. You’d always be looking for those uncrossed T’s and undotted I’s. Then you’d be the one traveling around in circles, the cat chasing its own tail. All along naively assisting them in spreading their panic onto others?

An important few words I’d like you to remember, balance is the key to everything. Make sure you take the time to maintain the good things in life. Laugh love create. Be the you you’ve always wanted to be. Enjoy your hobbies and other interests. Be in the NOW!

The term robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means “forced labor, compulsory service or drudgery”. Do not let the above be your chapter in the book of life. If you do then you’ve swallowed the hook. They’ve already won because they’ve got you right where they want you. You’re in the abyss swimming around with the other lower frequencies. Slowly circles within circles begin surrounding your vortex.

You must counteract your addiction of seeking truth. Stop looking around every corner for the next trauma. One thing traumas and busses share in common is you don’t have to worry about missing one, another will be arriving to take its place every twenty minutes. The control and slavery system is about the limitation of free will through the destruction of possibility. Don’t fall for it, keep things in a state of balance. Do not allow this seeking mission become your addiction only to become your reality! Above all never let this become a wedge between you and the one’s who matter most. Just keep things more in a state of balance.

All of you who read my posts can attest. I’m all about truth seeking but the YouTube posted above provides some worthwhile wisdom. Too much time and not enough money is equally as bad as too much money and not enough time. Both examples are out of balance. Over the past six years I’ve met a lot of great folks who love the learning process of seeking truth. The part they tend to hate is how it makes them feel once it’s been discovered. Until you’re able to balance between the two it can be a depressing ride. I don’t care how many miles you’ve traveled you won’t shake it. The whole universe is its home. This I know from personal experience. Until Next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jan 30, 2017, 11:29 pm

    Great video. Full of wisdom. Without watching the video I was getting more in balance in my search for the truth. Since I’ve learned to not let the search for truth get me down and anxious, I feel much more relaxed with a lower blood pressure. I’ve learned to automatically modulate my emotions regarding truth seeking so to keep me in harmony and balance. We should also learn to detach our feelings, although difficult, when we learn new truths about the dark side of our system so as not to build up negative stressful energy. We should also listen to critics and truth seekers who also offer solutions and positive action. We should always balance exposing the truths with solutions so that the inputs are equal to the outputs. We shouldn’t also only be against something but also for something as the video presented.

    • Barry Jan 31, 2017, 9:27 am

      Exactly. Balance is the key.

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