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Mayor Keith Pekau – Coronavirus Lockdown – Facts About How This Doesn’t Make Any Sense


As the façades continue losing their wow factor, I believe you’ll begin seeing a lot more politicians shifting their positions on the whole Covid deal. After all don’t rats flee from a sinking ship? As more and more start asking questions simultaneously, expect the divide between those dawning masks from those who refuse to begin widen further. A wedge set long ago to purposely divide.

To date this weapon has been effective. The pieces left are miniscule and nonthreatening. Same can be said about us. Separately we remain powerless… in fact our only offence and for that matter defense remains in using our great numbers together in unity. The people promoting this violence do so because the vast majority chooses to remain ignorant of this fact. So yet again violence is what the masses will be receiving.

As far as the virus scare we say expect there to be a relapse come this fall which lines up perfectly with next season’s flu season. What is taking place is totally systematized. From the virus to the lockdown, it’s all been staged to hide the real cause which is of course a failing world economy. In fact if it weren’t for the walking dead economies of the world, I highly doubt we’d even be experiencing the other two scenes in what amounts to the same play.

The elected governments of the world will never admit their own greed and corruption are the roots. Never have in 6000 years and never will. They will always decide for the unwashed masses.  As mentioned countless of times, the only way the masses are ever going to raise awareness is by us coming together.

To date the mentors still feel that their greatest illusion even over such events as 9-11, the lockdown, the virus, the world wars and so on still remains the following; Their greatest illusion is how they’ve for so long been able to convince the vast majority that it is they who have the power. Logically thinking how can a few hundred have the power over 7.7 billion. I personally feel their second biggest illusion was eliminating logic entirely. Have you had a good look around lately? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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