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Some of the Key Players in These Orchestrated Violent Protests

A few days prior I was forwarded this video featuring a simple yet reasonably accurate explanation to part of today’s circumstances. The part being mentioned has to do with the current and highly staged violence appearing in the majority of the world’s nations. Even though we mentors began discovering many similar lessons long ago, nevertheless this short five minute video jogged my memory of an earlier time and of a past mentor of my own.

It was several decades prior that one of my earlier mentors taught me a valuable lesson. To a large part and because of today’s unique developments the four of us were recently group texting how that wisdom’s amplified tenfold in value with the goings on of today’s mad world.

He once said “When it comes to the truth, if a seven year old can’t understand it then it’s not truth” and over my lifetime this wisdom has proven itself accurate on several occasions. Perhaps at least in part, this is why we have laws running in excess of 800 pages. I ask you; How many of our elected representatives even bother reading a document of that length? How many of them even have a hint about the extent of world damage they’re aiding in?

In closing and perhaps being a bit optimistic that a few more reading this post will begin to have a better understand of why I’ve always said: “The biggest three letter word in the dictionary has always been EGO!” These bought and paid for elected criminals will allow their over inflated egos drive us to complete serfdom and without even being aware of it themselves as well! They’re not excluded from the future carnage and anyone whose ever studied history would know what I’m referring to.

We live in strange times: The Bubonic Plague had a fatality rate of over 40% and is what began capitalism, and we have a bogus virus with a fatality rate of .0003% of the world’s population and will be what ended it.

To a large degree the traits that make us a species are vaporizing into the atmosphere never to return again. There’s little argument that we’re living in the strangest of times but after all’s said and done there’s some truth in the old saying “the world’s a stage” and so I offer what would make for a great title for the coming events and it’s:  Say hello to fascism. Expect this to be showing at a town near you and not too distant into the future either. Beware of the masks for the ignorant are always willing to march into false wars. The ignorant question little, we say question everything. Until next time, Barry in DR.



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