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Are the Riots Being Funded?

In our previous release the narrator went into detail about how much of the rioting we’re witnessing has been staged. The 1% club found it all too easy manipulating the ignorant only to later be using them as foot militias. They’ve formed a clueless society currently fueling altercations within several of our largest metropolitan areas. We told you in several past blogposts of how they’d get the mindless first divided and once divided would pin them up against each other.

Another important point to revisit is one that the mentors first mentioned back in 2016. We said: “Those who do not know the difference between what violence is and what force is are liable to find themselves ending up as today’s cannon fodder.” Believe it now?

The violence that’s running rapid in several of our nations is being purposely instigated by the elite 1% using their own corporate sources. Follow the money and look who’s funding these skirmishes. Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into! Before taking any sides be absolutely sure you’re not being duped into harm or at least a freshly documented arrest record that restricts you from relocating to another safe haven somewhere down the line.

Other countries are not nearly as welcoming as they once were just a few short years ago, but then again we’ve been saying they would be several years prior. No nation can afford to let their dwindling tax base flee the country… well can they? Ask yourself if over 50% of the nation’s families had an expense in excess of eight hundred dollars that it would bankrupt them, then how stable is that nations tax base? The short answer is it isn’t. Governments begin making it more difficult for the ones who can feed the machine to leave the confines of the machine. Those of you who’ve ignored our warnings only to find out you no longer qualify have only yourselves to blame. This advice is over five years in the running. Those who still can qualify better get on it before your own nation becomes the restrictive source. Governments all throughout history have always locked in the funds of their citizens. Just look at China for the most recent example some two week ago.

Whether this purposely directed activity arrives in the form of pre-stacked pallets of fresh new bricks waiting to shatter the windows of cars and business or from being infiltrated by plain clothed police purposing instigating an already sensitive situation is of little difference. The question remains is why is it being done?

Here’s a clue for a second time. As mentioned in the prior release what we’re witnessing has almost nothing to do with another attack on a black person by uniformed police. If it were it would be restricted to America only. Other nations would not be in turmoil over it. Really you don’t actually think over in Germany or the Netherlands they care about what happened to George Floyd do you? Can you not see what’s happening? Do you still not understand what’s occurring and how most are being used and controlled by unwarranted fear? Apparently most cannot.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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