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Do You Still Think America Had an Election?

Glad to see the number of subscribers growing on our Bitchute channel. However the root cause of initiating this channel as well as our new Rumble channel maintaining the same name of Something Feels Wrong is the insatiable right of freedom to be able to express period. The inheritance to express our views and the undeniable right as human beings to be able to express theirs!

When you have the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter controlling what the public is allowed to see only camouflaging it under clever misleading terms such as “not meeting their community guidelines” anyone possessing an open mind should come to the following conclusion. In the first place who are they to establish what the community should or should not be allowed to see? This is nothing more than an elaborate way of promoting censorship.

Perhaps the saddest part is how the masses have adapted to it. Over the past while the Mentors mentioned time and time again to beware of the ones wearing the masks! It’s those misinformed followers who are buffering you the enlightened from reaching the handful that are controlling the worlds natural resources and its technologies.

The Mentors understood a long time ago if we did not build our own Internet platforms to be able to express our views we’d fall prey to theirs. I’ve mentioned time and time again if we’re depending on their platforms to spread our words of truth that sooner or later we’d be falling on deaf ears. Pardon the pun but does any of the enlightened hear me now!

Welcome to the world of controlled shadow banning where tens of thousands of virologists, surgeons medical doctors, scientists and apophatic research groups like the Mentors are no longer able to reach the masses. By relying on their controlled social media platforms a sensible hypothesis is no longer able to reach the masses. This is not going to end well. Until next time, Barry in DR.

Article “The Universe Doesn’t Care About You”


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