Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

The bigger Agenda – Control – Digital Currency – Killing Freedoms

I’d like to share some of the latest developments over the past week. There’s no doubt things are changing at an alarming rate and the mentors research dictates it’s only going to accelerate over the next while. It’s just a suggestion when I say anyone planning to vote with their feet whether foreign or domestic had better get going and soon. The doors to many options are getting harder to open and our research reveals it won’t be long until many are locked tight. If you disagree that’s fine it’s your choice. You have every right to do so but let me remind you an overwhelming majority also thought we were way wrong when we said these lockdowns, curfews and grinding the world’s economies to a standstill would be the new norm. There’s a much bigger agenda here. One year later take a good look around and what do you see?  That’s why I always let time argue for me. A hypothesis is not a prediction. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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