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Are You a Model Citizen?

I recently was sent a video created by David James Armsby. His YouTube channel is titled Deadsound and I would suggest that my subscribers at the very least check it out. All I can say is for the enlightened mind the few who can seek hidden messages this channel will feed your inquisitiveness. Armsby creates a foreboding 1984 type atmosphere where the citizens have been totally indoctrinated to believe everything’s perfect. There’s no privacy and no freedoms it’s little more than a wash rinse repeat life and yet the citizens are none the wiser.

I ask that you take a step back create a little separation from you’re current perspectives. Remember separation creates clarity. Once done, post viewing see if any of this strikes a rather shocking similarity to the current happenings. The masks, the losses of what little freedoms remain, the lack of privacy and the lockdowns, I’m asking does any of this resonate to what we’re witnessing today. If you’re being totally truthful you’ll know it does. Actually it mirrors it!

Once again the mainstream medias have morphed into nothing short of propaganda machines. It’s the easiest way of introducing anything to the ignorant followers. Indoctrinating the masses to accept everything from a new agenda to a new world order and it’s working.

Freedom has never been free and never will be. Throughout history these rights have had to be protected even fought for and that fact doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. It’s we that create change or slavery.

If you find the following videos somewhat disturbing good! I can tell you with absolute surety that occulted plans hide in the darkest corners. The introduction of a vaccine may just be the near perfect way of getting the blinded to accept their fate. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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