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Preview of Montana Y Mar Phase II

Well a big hello is going out to everyone. Over the past while I’ve been so busy with organizing the media campaign for our Montana y Mar phase two community that I haven’t had the opportunity to create many videos. On another note it’s been really busy for us. Now the most docile of us has begun to waken from what appears to be a deep slumber many are waking up to a different understanding.

The enlightened thinkers even all the plan B people are actually beginning to realize that living amongst the food supply might not be as farfetched as once thought. The Mentors research group began realizing this critical fact several years ago. In fact now that I think about it decades would be more accurate of a time frame.

This explains why over six years ago we began locating small out of the way communities surrounded by food and aquafer water supplies. People have responded like never before and no matter where they hale from or whatever their personal beliefs may be, we are proud to, in some small way, make a positive difference in their lives. We’ve assisted loads of families wanting to experience a much less stressful environment and enjoy the higher qualities of life in the countryside and for many it’s at a fraction of the cost. Until next time,  Barry in DR.


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