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How I’ve Been Investing My Time

It’s really great being back with you all. Hope the New Year brings in positive changes but of course that remains up to us as a collective. This being a collective effort holds true for any nation regardless of its location, size or beliefs. This energy is also timeless it lasts forever in its endurance. It is universal in its inclusiveness there are no exceptions and as such remains immutable. What I’m referring to is a global statement.

When the frequencies of citizens rise higher so will the level of freedom. Being a collective law as is often the case the same holds true in the opposite direction. No need to dwell on that as the facts speaks for themselves. Most of the world is currently under some form of curfew or under full lockdown. Masses glued to the tube of propaganda. Not us we’re moving forward!

Even though the nation is under curfew which is restricting the hours we’re allowed to be away from home we choose to continue with our original plans of relocating folks to a quieter less stressful environment. That’s why my time’s been spent getting our phase two marketing plan off the ground. The next step is for Liane to release the Spanish versions for everyone who’s involved in helping with the marketing of it.

Since the major shifts have pretty much mirrored what the Mentors have been blogging about for the last long while and the fact that not much has changed or will change as long as people are locked in fear have decided to invest some of that time in a more encouraging direction. I’m always talking about TIME being a commodity! So perhaps my underlying question really is are you investing yours or are you wasting it in fear? Freedom has never been free! Until next time, Barry in DR.


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