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Catching Up With You All

It’s great to be back together with everyone. I regret not having the time to create more videos, but as of a couple of weeks now I have been hammered for free time. Dividing my time between the visiting folks, our own personal home plans, the new phase two of the Montana y Mar community and some plan B modifications all have left me void of additional time.

Since the change of the GOP over in what was once called the land of the free, expect our content to take on a shift. As many of my subscribers already know quite often I’ll use the term intersection or intersections in my descriptions. Well earlier this month we all had passed a major one.

Whatever your view is regarding whether it was an election or coup no longer matters. We passed that intersection and as always will open various options. This is the reason I say the single most important point in anyone’s Plan B is flexibility. I encourage all who are reading this take the same view and adjust accordingly. Don’t stay dwelling in the past. The past is just another place they want to divert you keeping your mind occupied.

I encourage all reading who are reading this and would like to stay in closer contact of all the happenings around our region consider joining me on my Instagram (@Barry_in_dr), for now it will be the easiest way to stay connected. We currently have a lot of irons in the fire updating on our own preparations. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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