Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this latest release. It’s with that in mind that I express the importance of moving forward. Regardless of our personal views, what’s done is done. As a collective we all travel in only one direction and that’s forward!

I suggest you consider the above as a strong suggestion. The ship hit the iceberg and there’s no longer any point in switching Captains. Those who plan on relocating had better drop whatever it is that’s holding them back. Yes whatever!

Over the next while those who choose not to be injected will be prohibited International travel. Have trouble believing this? It’s already happening over in Australia. Those holding Australian passports and living in Australia are not permitted to board an international flight!! It’s true and is happing as I’m creating these opening paragraphs.

Those who plan on relocating over in Europe had also better shift into overdrive or it’s probably not going to happen. Borders between their small countries may soon be resurrected to the point of mirroring much the same as back in the Second World War.

Humanity is traveling in so many directions and on so many planes right now it’s in turmoil. Deep down inside most of you reading this knew such a time would arrive. As looking ahead not behind has always been my direction of choice, so we’ll be moving forward with new ideas and topics that better fit the times.

Because we haven’t had enough yet, we are heading into a more draconian decade. More control and I mean serious control and less freedoms. This will largely be a commodities driven decade so keep your eyes opened in that direction and no Government can change that fact.

We’ve recently passed an important intersection and changed course. We’re now accelerating and as such, things will begin to change even faster. Welcome to the next decade… a decade driven largely by shortages in commodities. That’s correct not demand but by shortages. Until next time, Barry in DR.



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