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Justin Trudeau Cancels Canadian Currency!

Hi Guys good to be back with you all. Had several things on my slate today, most of which was cancelled due to bad weather. I wanted to use the downtime to touch on a couple of recent developments so let’s get right on into it.

The recent Reddit schemes that have dominated the Internet over the past few weeks whereby the endorsing of various stocks primary based heavily on the short side are being bought up at unheard of levels. Corporate holdings are necessary to cover these shorts forcing the owners to payout at higher prices. I understand that by the date of this post the losses exceed 60 Billion Dollars! Without a doubt these people have discovered a chink in Goliath’s armor! This is in no way short of a game changer and in several ways. In this video I briefly go into two of them.

I begin by discussing the undeniable advantage we have (and always have had) by uniting together. Acting as a force of one as a collective allows us to move mountains. Just look at the havoc the Reddit band had caused the corporate giants in a few weeks’ time. It’s a gift we’ve always had and still do even if we seemed to have lost it along the way. The light’s always been there. All along it was the tunnel that was the illusion.

I discuss how some things in this universe are subjective while others are collective. In reality there is no stopping us except for our fears and on that note I progress further. I don’t feel it necessary to elaborate further on such an obvious point.

Around the midway mark I bring up the earthshattering announcement that Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada as of January 1st 2021 had cancelled the Canadian currency as being Legal Tender!! This is no theory!

Apparently I may have surprised several of my subscribers when saying this however it’s factual that as of January 1st 2021Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancelled the Canadian currency. This is the first of a multistep process. Currently it still is tradable and holds the same value. However it IS NOT a Legal Tender.

Just to be clear I’m not referring to specific amounts or denominations. We already know from researching our sources about the one and two dollar notes stopped way back in 1989 and 1996. Coins replaced both notes. We also are now aware that the One Thousand Dollar note was stopped back in 2000. I am referring to the entire paper currency currently being used in the Nation of Canada. That whole currency is NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER!!!

If that doesn’t wake up the Canadian people I don’t believe anything will. It’s time to vacate that country and fast! Humanity’s been facing some of the most serious issues that I’ve seen in my 63 years of hanging around this planet. We are entering into an era that in under a hundred years will be looked back upon as some of history’s most volatile times. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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