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Trudeau Introduces Bill C-273 Say hello to Basic Universal Income


Not more than a few days prior, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced Bill C-273 which is nothing less that the beginnings of universal basic income (UBI) to the nation of Canada. Once the masses wake up a bit and begin to focus on the realities of today, I bet they’ll be a lot of expressions similar to a deer looking into a headlight along the side of a dark highway. However in this case the animal is smack dab in the middle of the road. Without evasive action there’s no way of avoiding it. A train wreck is about to occur for the vast majority of Canadians who depend largely on their pensions for survival. This wreak I mentioned lies just around the next corner.

I’m wondering how much longer the sheep will remain with the herd? Presently the greater percentage of us have adopted a heard like mentality. You see it in schools, colleges and the workplace and saddest of all within the family. We’ve become little more than a conforming herd of sheep all huddled up in fear wondering around with no clear destination.

When first brought this subject up it was a few years back. I received a lot of negative comments from our Canadian subscribers, friends and yes even relatives. We suggested they consider rearranging their portfolios sooner than later and although time’s running out there still is ample time left to make the necessary alterations. Those who don’t will soon enough be falling victim to Bill C-273 which will all but devastate their pensions. You can ignore reality all you want but anyone who’s found a formula of avoiding the consequences of avoiding reality please look me up. We have much to talk about. Until next time, Barry in DR.




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