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March 26 2020

Why aren’t people asking the right questions.

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve authored a blog. As I sit back and visualize all the damage that’s been caused not only because of the Coronavirus issues, but several key issues spanning over several decades to put it mildly saddens me. None of this ever had to happen and I’m including several events pre 9-11 when I mention this. The twin towers were just another stepping stone in a far more sinister plot.

With all the tweets, Facebook Instagram’s Everybody’s been pouring gas on an already raging fire. An Ignorant Citizenry at it’s finest. So sad.

Did you know there’s a fair percentage of folks out there who still believe the official story of 9-11? The Government’s story on how 19 men armed with box cutters as weapons hijacked two jetliners and made an almost impossible maneuver piloting them into the twin towers in downtown NY. All done while the world’s most advanced Air Force stood by and watched it happen. For this and many more examples the weapon actually being used is not the terrorists! It is not the planes or the box cutters or anything! The weapon being used here is an ignorant citizenry!   

Being well prepared in advance as we all should be for such events, the mild issues we’re currently facing should have little effect. In case anyone is wondering rather mild was not a type error. What lies just ahead is a completely different scenario and already we find ourselves in uncharted waters. Seriously how many reading this post ever experienced a total planetary lockdown? Not many I’m sure. Up ahead lies the same uncharted waters only it’s dark and the seas have become considerably more agitated.

I want to humbly articulate, much of the contents of this post originates from hands on experience. At our current level of disruption I feel anyone who is finding this to be a tough time had better rethink a lot of things. If they don’t I’m afraid many just won’t make it. They’ll bow and break under pressure.

On the other hand if you’re of the opinion that the Coronavirus is in fact the pandemic that the media’s portraying it to be AND is the culprit behind the economic insanity many are currently facing well… It would be beneficial if you begin to understand what weapon is being used against you. By not taking this seriously a lot of good folks will be losing everything they value. Yes that includes pensions.

Yet again the weapon being used here is an ignorant citizenry! Very soon the culprits for launching all the fake reports and misleading graphs will be mainstream. Soon it will be known as I’ve already known for almost a week now. Initials of this culprit are JHU.

Even if a few comprehend what weapons I’m referring to at this point makes little difference. The weapon remains armed and ready to be used in a moments notice and has been for many millennia. The majority of the population still cannot comprehend in varying degrees we all are part of their weapon. In simpler terms they are using us against ourselves. A divide and control if you will. The conquer part arrives a bit later. The majority being ignorant about it only enhances it’s effectiveness and promotes how well it’s camouflaged.

Now don’t get all upset I didn’t insult anyone. Ignorant does not mean stupid or whatever other degrading term you think it does. The root of the word means to ignore. You are ignoring available information. That’s what makes you ignor-ant. Right now a lot of egos are writing checks that they can’t cash. Don’t be one of them. There’s no time left for that mentality.

Nobody learns this kind of stuff in school. It’s only done on a time consuming personal interest basis. You have to take a personal interest or it won’t work. I just enjoy doing the research and along the way have made two or three friends in other parts of the world who do as well. You have to peel the onion layer by layer eliminating what does not fit. In the end the last item remaining has to be correct because it’s the only one that fits all categories. The only remaining item that checks all the boxes.

I suppose Sherlock Holmes would serve as a good example. Holmes never found out who did it he eliminated all the other suspects who couldn’t have. I believe Watson and Holmes may have been dubbed “the onion peelers” but I’m not 100% sure. Methodical but to the source.

Our research works in much the same way. It’s a slow methodical process in gathering the facts. That’s why over time it can only work in a small group. Each person has to research two or three particular subjects. There’s just too much information out there for one person to tackle it solo.

While the process may be slow the end results prove to be unbelievably accurate. Actually it yields way ahead of the curve results! Shame so many attempt it on their own. Over time these are the folks who tend to panic over almost any news they’ve been fed. Like I’m saying it becomes information overload for one person to handle on their own. Needless to say this too is being done on purpose.

As I previously mentioned being prepared for such kinks similar to what’s currently occurring has left me with a bit more free time. Our next visitors had to cancel their plans. The folks that were currently visiting us had to cut their stay short to return home before the travel restrictions came into effect.

With the extra time both Liane and I found out being alone can be dangerous. It’s addicting. Once alone for a while you begin to rekindle that inner peace of not having to deal with anything or anyone. Think about it how can you be lonely if you like the one your with? You relearn to like yourself more.

It’s a sad thing that so many of us have been programmed to need those tiny doses of dopamine received with every thumbs up. Did you know that two thumbs up release approximately the same amount of dopamine as a line of cocaine? It’s the modern addiction but just in case for those who still prefer the more traditional approaches there’s still the opiates and alcohol. Stay numb and go out for dinner, anything just don’t look where you should be. 

On a different subject Liane mentioned more than once to her family and friends that she can’t even notice a change except for the business closures and it being quieter than normal. Her normal day and what she’d be doing hasn’t really changed.

By being so misinformed for the most part these caring people stay huddled together using the same technology that to some sizable degree placed them in the current position they find themselves in. They all seem to be worried and for some weird reason have a horrendous craving for purchasing toilet paper. One form or another they all seem to be worried. Honestly at least for us it’s been that way and that’s a good thing. We like balance in our lives. Gosh I could write books about this stuff.

With the planet on lock down nobody’s entering or exiting so we’re basically staying in place for a while longer. How long? Seems I’ve been asked that a lot lately. If you mean in the current lock down state we find ourselves in then I’d have to say not long. The smokescreen is rising very soon it will no longer remain undetected. I feel it won’t be as long as some are saying. If I had to say my thoughts would be between two to four weeks.

Copy and paste what follows, mark my words! Similar to the so called strong US economy I’ve said countless of times from well over a decade prior in both cases you’ll soon realize the emperor has no clothes. Our mathematics revealed almost eight years prior we’ve reached; at least what we felt was the point of no return. I believe I’ve also written in several past posts that the longer this gets delayed the worse it will be when it arrives. I now am leaning more towards a substantially harder landing then I did a few years prior.

I’ve never been much of a devotee towards Mad Max or Armageddon scenarios or fear porn and am still not, but rest assured when looking back for many, it may not be too far off. It just depends on so many things and for the most part people are just not prepared. I know I’ll get naysayers you always do, but just in case you’ve forgotten I’ll remind you. We’re already in lockdown as I write this post!

My two cents worth says you already want to be settled or at the very least near settled by now. I’m referring to those who are utilizing relocation as part of their Plan B. By now you should be secured with at least a move in ready place should things become uncomfortable where you currently are? You needn’t own it but you must have it ready. Remember even rural country places will still be receiving family from the bigger cities. Rentals may be scarce and reserved for relatives. Just something you may have not thought about. Now consider what follows.

Envision if it were Martial Law instead of a Lock Down. What if it were indefinite? What then? If it were I’d know this much, you’re going nowhere! You’ll be staying with the rest trapped wherever that might be. Just as the Coronavirus shut the world down so fast, I assure you that Martial Law would be even faster! You best choose carefully of where you’d rather be.

Very soon the Coronavirus and the economy will both be exposed for what they really are. If I were asked the same question regarding how long will it take? How long before it will be exposed? That length of time is directly proportionate to the ignorance of the citizenry of that nation. The same weapon is continually being used against us all! For some I suppose it will never be exposed.

It’s at these critical times when I sometimes wish freedom wasn’t collective. Many who are a bit more on the enlightened side concur this feeling begins right around the time they began understanding that no one has the right to be ignorant when it affects the freedoms of others! What so many fail to realize is that much of what we want is collective and not subjective. It cannot be obtained on an individual basis.The same can be said about personal freedoms which soon enough several more will be taken away yet again.

The amount of freedoms in any nation is in direct correlation to the level of awareness of the citizens of that nation. I just provided you with the answer for all those asking me why things don’t feel the same as in prior times. This is the unbiased answer as to why so many nations are falling into an “Orwellian” type atmosphere and or feeling.

Throughout the universe there are many answers to many questions but the key word to take away here is unbiased. If your answers derive from such venues as politics or exoteric religious beliefs then they cannot be unbiased and therefore can never be viewed as serving collectively. If you’re seeing this where you reside then The weapon being used is an ignorant citizenry!

If you still doubt it then it just goes to show you how well it’s working. Those who still can’t seem to make sense of it ought to understand the following. “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”.

So for now the greater part of the planet is temporarily coming unglued. To the greatest extent this is being fueled by a highly controlled media feeding misinformation to the vast majority of an ignorant citizenry. Only ignorant people think accurate news was ever meant for the masses.

All along we’ve only had the illusion of choice. Illusions like the one they told us about our strong US Economy and fifteen days later it’s puking all over itself and dying of a virus soon to be exposed for the hoax that it is. NOT EVEN A MONTH! Once again the weapon being used is an ignorant citizenry!

I invite anyone interested to go on back into my archives. Click on www.somethingfeelswrong.com and go way back to page 24. Read some older posts from 2015, now fast forward a few years and look where we are. Look at what was said nearing five years prior. Was any of it accurate? Brexit, the US Dollar, the political arena, gold, silver, the violence and several others, any accuracy to the claims made five years prior?

Folks anybody is capable of doing the same and yielding similar accuracy. We’re nobody special. The only difference is the willingness to do the countless hours of work, the in depth research AND most importantly leave your personal thoughts out of it. They just do not belong there if accuracy is the end goal. I do not depend on what’s put out on public display and then asked it to be taken as gospel. If you do then you deserve to be the cannon fodder that’s forming in several places.

At this stage of the game if you still can’t be bothered to put personal differences aside, then once again it proves them correct. At this late stage if you’re still not willing to get a little uncomfortable and say what needs to be said don’t complain when you get what you deserve.

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”. Dante Alighieri.

All along their greatest weapon has always been what I’ve clearly pointed out over and over again for more than a decade. The technology is all that ever changes. Their greatest weapon all through history has always been an ignorant citizenry. Why? Because similar to our research, it’s the last remaining thing and the only thing that ticks all the boxes. We are the only reason we allowed it all the to happen and that truth goes back far longer than a few decades. Does Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures start popping into your mind? They should. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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