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Carnival La Vega 2020 Now it’s a Different World

It’s hard to believe a mere five weeks prior and we were all living in a different world. The Coronavirus dilemma metamorphosed humanity in a way the greater majority has never witnessed before. Regardless of your personal philosophies about the disease or the mysterious side effects it’s having on us as a species hold them for a while longer. Currently there’s enough sadness and fear porn being spread out there. For now why not sit back and enjoy what was an awesome weekend… an awesome weekend in a world that for many no longer seems to exist.

Liane really took more than one hit for the team while filming this one. During Carnival if you’re on the road then you’re fair game. If you don’t want to get hit then stay off to the sides but then you don’t get the up close videos either. Like anything else I suppose it’s a tradeoff. Everything in life is a duality.

I want to share one parting note worth mentioning. Since the virus outbreak and what followed I’ve heard from countless folks. Folks I’ve not heard from for month’s even years. All of a sudden people are coming out and asking their questions. A fair amount of them were offering their apologies for previously made statements as far back as 2014. I so humbly accept and understand where you were all coming from. For the fewer percentage who listened good on you. We both know you’ve placed yourselves in a better position. It’s not important what others think they know. I’m considering posting one or two ask me anything videos about it. For now enjoy one wonderful happy time… a time that seems so long ago already. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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