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And You Thought 9/11 Was a Hoax

Well it didn’t take long before it came time to honoring a previous promise made in front of Liane. I promised if I received at least one hundred attempts to contact me about this virus and global lockdown I’d put out a few more pieces of information for those interested so thank you all who reached out. I honestly didn’t know so many were still tuning in.

Being married to me for well over twenty years Liane knows the double edge sword that’s guaranteed to begin wavering when the trends meet the reality. Very soon after the announcement of the virus we knew something wasn’t right. By juggling the numbers things didn’t add up. From there it wasn’t much longer until our hundredth statement arrived. Seems some of the more enlightened minds began asking questions early. As always the lesser enlightened succumbed to fear.

When arriving at the imaginary intersection of “trend and reality” the vast majority misjudged the flow from the various directions. By simply relying on the public media all too often it’s similar to the scene of a bad accident. You hate to look! When reality bites it can be venomous. I suggest taking all poisons in their smallest doses.

Several years prior I’ve grown weary of authoring posts about the trends. Trends all too often deal with subjects that can be difficult to accept. For many their personal views obstruct clarity and over time I began growing tired of it.

Now fast forward to the year 2020. Consider following what’s suggested in this video. Take a few minutes and go way back into the archives. Back to pages 24 or 25 and begin reading from there. Only those who do will understand the following. You don’t always have to tell your side of the story. TIME WILL! Until next time, Barry in DR.

Here is the link to the post mentioned in the video:  Coronavirus shutters downs the planet

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