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“Coronavirus” and People Thought 9/11 was a Tragedy

I’ll get right to the point. Without question this is the most information packed most important blog of our twelve years of doing the trends. For the first time all four members of our research group (the Mentors) have contributed in creating what we know is the most accurate unbiased research on the real goings on with the Coronavirus. The key word being unbiased!

It is our personal request and only because we can’t enforce it that after reading the post on our www.somethingfeelswrong.com website and then actually taking a few minutes of your own time to plug in the numbers received for your own nation, country, city or county where ever your interests lie. It’s easy math.

However when you come up with similar ridicules low percentages (we already know you will) to warrant anything like the Lockdown we’re all forced to live under if at that point you’re not willing to put your personal feelings and beliefs aside and help this vital information go viral (pardon the pun) then please tune out to this portion of our Something Feels Wrong site and YouTube Channel. We know its uncomfortable information but not as uncomfortable as what’s being pulled over the eyes of a panicking public. Folks we’re being set up big time. As we’ve been saying for over a decade now the emperor has no clothes and hasn’t for years. I can’t close as I usually do, because all four members of the “Mentors Group” worked on contributing their areas of study. As humble part of a research group that’s been together over three decades in studying trends related issues all of us mentors thank you for respecting our request. This has really shifted gears.


Coronavirus and people thought 9/11 was a tragedy

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