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Coronavirus and people thought 9/11 was a tragedy

April 1, 2020

Coronavirus and people thought 9/11 was a tragedy.

Taken from one of my Prior Post. “Most of our personal freedoms went up in smoke on the very same day. The world’s never been the same since.” Notice way back then I mentioned freedoms NOT economies! This is completely different. 

Most thought the twin towers 9/11 incident was a tragedy. It was but like the song says you ain’t seen nothing yet. Little doubt 9/11 was history in the making. As it is always the case, post any major occurrence the freedoms of the citizenry never returned to their original level. It’s looking like the same playbook is being used once again steering the herd into a predetermined direction.


Normally I attempt to keep my posts short around 850- 950 words. Sometimes like now it’s rather difficult to do so please bear with me. For the first time in over a decade of authoring posts all four of us have contributed. Due to the urgency of where we all currently find ourselves, we unanimously agreed it would benefit best, if we all brought our best abilities to the table, each in our specific areas of study.

It is our sincerest desire, actually it’s a request that you test the information you’re about to read and if you come up with the same results forward it to everyone you know. Everyone’s future is at stake. There is a lot to cover so let’s get to it.

Darkness, Preditors, Abandonment Chaos 
Now ask yourself if they’re not using these four items to control your thoughts. The answer is obvious. WE’RE in LOCKDOWN!!

What is being used to confuse so many derives from what is known as the four primordial fears. Every human being is born with these four fears even before being delivered from its mother’s womb. Once an embryo has matured beyond a certain point the four primordial fears of Darkness, Predators, Abandonment and Chaos are introduced. Research it  further if interested. It bears a lot of light on what the enlightened are currently witnessing.

Continuing on it’s those inflicting the panic that know by using these proven techniques the vast majority (being Ignorant) as always will panic from fear. These same sources also know that fear leads to making poor decisions. They use fear in various cornerstone positions as a guide. It’s almost as a road sign works towards directing traffic in a desired direction. Another example I suppose would work follows. I’m from Canada. Farm country Canada out West. Used to be oil country but oh well too bad for those who missed that curve. We thought it to be rather obvious. Anyway for no apparent reason every so often you’d see a herd of elk get spooked. What started out as one stand alone animal within seconds would sometimes amount to hundreds. Of course none except the first Elk knows why yet they all blindly follow. In the Elks case no predator no problem. You follow the wrong source and in your case I can’t say the same thing. You choose wrong and it could cost you dearly.

Are you following a clueless herd?

If you haven’t already done so I invite you to read my post “The universe doesn’t care about you” I’m confident that several points made will make good sense. Remember it’s the CIA who first coined the term conspiracy theorist. Theory and fact are two different considerations.

I’d first like to address a couple of major differences between what happen then and what is happening now. Further on into the post I’ll about face and attempt to point out some of the similarities. If you’re the type that’s able to open your mind to new options of seeing the grander view I’m confident this will make reasonable sense. There’s NO DOUBT (to us) this Coronavirus thing is being blown waaaaaayyyy out of proportion. The only real question is WHY?

Let’s begin. When comparing 9/11 to what’s occurring now, the first major difference is one was local and this is worldwide. Another major difference is one was an act of terror and this is an illness. So one was a planed attack and the other was not it was a random act. These are key differences.

There’s an additional point I’m asking you to carefully consider! It’s difficult for any rational mind to blame Governments on a steep economic downturn that originates directly because of Pandemic Disease or flu. Seasonal flu is a normal yearly reoccurring event in most countries, but they’re portraying this as anything but normal it’s supposedly a pandemic. We’re attempting to prove to our readers through solid unbiased evidence deriving from four people that have been studying these subjects together for well over thirty years… otherwise!

Continuing on with some key points. All the destruction at least in the beginning of 9/11 was located in one nation. It all took place in the United States. Sure the incident launched far reaching effects but I’m referring to the initial attack not post attack. Now just 20 years later and the greater majority of us merely remember the twin towers part of the incident… if that much. My point follows.

Whether you’re aware of it or not that whole ordeal provided a lot of information to the same people behind the current fiasco we’re living in now. It gave them a good idea of where we stand together as a citizenry. Obviously we didn’t rank too high. Another example I could use is let’s say for instance we were all one big department store called The Citizenry…  if we were and you were a customer there then you’d be asking to speak to the manager pretty quick.

In short we’re not doing well as a collective. We’re more divided than ever. It’s become an I’m right and everybody else is wrong world, but they know that too, they caused it using their medias. It’s most of us who still don’t.

As was previously mentioned the 9/11 tragedy happened in one nation the United States. It’s because of that some research groups use the term “local in nature” incident. Local in nature incidents committed by such fundamentals as terrorist, warring, invading civil unrest, rioting and even government coups, it’s because they are exactly that “local in nature” that they are never felt equally throughout the world. As you distance yourself from the epicenter it diminishes in effect. Pandemic’s don’t!

The people who are tricking you also know this. As such are using it against us. They know pandemic’s effects don’t diminish with distance. One acts more like a total eclipse and the other like a small charge or mortar.

Each one of us has the key to unlock these mysteries. Most won’t and rather remain an ignorant obedient slave in a cage. Personal wealth may allow the bars of the cage to be gilded but nothing more. Don’t pay your owners extortion fees which are labeled taxes and you’ll find out pretty fast what you actually own. You also OWN NOTHING!      My dad always said if a cow gives you five times the milk you’d best provide it with a nicer barn.

Once the onion was peeled it revealed 9/11 was designed to attack personal freedoms more than it was world economies. It worked to near perfection. Welcome TSA, NSA and a host of other alphabet agencies. All of which are little more than assorted Government jobs programs. It’s we the people, the Ignorant slaves, the taxpayers, the citizenry and it’s us who always receives the privilege of paying for it all.

Fast forward to the present and what’s occurring is a completely different scenario. Regardless of our personal feelings one thing we can all agree on is the Coronavirus is being felt worldwide. This is not a local in nature situation as was the twin towers and is not an act of violence. It’s labeled as a pandemic. Warranted or not remains open for now, but either way this was designed to sway the same herd only in a different direction.

There’s more involved here than just an invasion of personal freedoms. Personal freedom is permanently at war with tyranny that never ends! However there’s more going on here. Our personal freedoms are always at stake and you’d be well served by understanding that!

Over the next while I’ll be trying to convey what we’re all actually witnessing is a plan to put an end to an already walking dead world economy. It’s being done in a way the ignorant believe is either a random act of G_D or some kind of killer pandemic.

Side bar: This is exactly why you’re witnessing such cooperation by the masses on a world wide scale. I ask you when is the last time you’ve seen all the world nations working together towards a uniform goal. You haven’t. It’s no coincidence several years prior our group listed pandemic as one of the most dangerous weapons that could possibly by used to pool us all in one direction.

Serving only as an example: another type of event that has the tendency to produce similar results would be some sort of staged or perhaps real alien invasion.  We’re using this topic only to emphasize a point that it’s these types of events that tend to pull citizens together towards a mutual common goal.  Why because our personal differences or beliefs no longer matter at that point. Which is exactly where we currently all are and that’s why you’re seeing the cooperation that you are.

Again if we mentors know that so do they. We’re only trying to share it with those who don’t. 

However our research reveals neither of the above. Our research clearly points to corruption. The cause of everything we’re currently experiencing stemmed from years of unaudited unchecked corruption. Corruption on such a massive scale it would make your stomach turn. That’s where it began, but what allowed it to happen and continue until the present day? Well again it’s their strongest weapon I keep mentioning. It was us an ignorant citizenry.

While there certainly is a virus and yes it has killed people once you take the time and uncover the facts and invest even more time and effort putting them all into a logical sequence you come up with a completely different picture. It’s because of unbiased team research that we knew the world economy was on life support. Realistically it’s been that way for nearly two decades now.

Do we have to remind you of the government bank bailouts of 2008 and when Donald Rumsfeld announced that they LOST 6 trillion dollars and can’t find it?

Just in case anybody reading this post happens to be a trader well I am too. You can relax now I never said you couldn’t make money in a propped up economy. In fact it’s the easiest time to and over the last while a monkey with a set of Crayola’s could have done a fair job. But that was then and this is the now. Our opponents know this which is why you should to.

The economies are crashing and that had to happen. Unbiased numbers always maintain these two attributes. They show no emotions and they tell no lies. We seem to elect people who do that for us and to us. As silly as it may sound one of my last remaining questions about that is.

Why are we still paying them such huge salaries to be doing it to us? 

The only real question back then was how long before it began? However it wasn’t until later on when we arrived at that next “intersection” only then did it reveal itself  that the Coronavirus was being used merely as the catalyst. By the end of this post we hope to prove it.

Not one of us in our research group (the Mentors) think the actions currently taking place makes any sense. All four of us are located in different parts of the world. We see things from different angles that way. It provides a broader base from which to think and gather information from. OK start taking some notes.

Did you know last year’s flu season took a total death count of 61,200 people. Here we are in the beginning of April and the total death count from Coronavirus in the US is 49,019? Hummm!!!

I hope some of this is beginning to make you scratch your head a bit. By the time this post concludes our desire is that you’ll first see a much clearer picture of how you’re being set up. Secondly it allows you to relax about the virus and treat it as you would normally. Rest your mind from unnecessary worry.

You need to be concerned you needn’t be panicked  there’s a difference!

For those readers that are addicted to the lower frequencies of the negative, well perhaps you should shift your attention to the true pandemic. The World Economies! If you have to worry about something at least make it worthwhile. Don’t fear the virus it’s the head fake, fear the world economies. That’s what’s going to kill the vast majority who miss the current curve we’re heading into.

Sidebar: We’ve never asked for anything from any of our subscribers however it is our greatest desire that all who read this will be sharing this post with everyone you encounter. I hope you’ll share it with all others you care for. Do I need to remind you we’re not in a good position now?

We all have information but do we have perspective. Sadly only the very few do. We live in a world where technology made it easier to lie to the billions than it is to convince them they’ve been lied too.

With today’s technology we all have access to unlimited information. Any fool can gather information and yes you can teach a parrot to talk. However none of these attributes equate with intelligence. Information is knowledge. Knowledge does not give you intelligence. I always attempt to get my readers to understand the importance of asking the right questions. The correct question to be asking yourself and everyone you know is this. You have information but do you have perspective?  The answer is most of us don’t. Very few people have perspective. Perspective lines up with intelligence just as information lines up with knowledge.

If you’re one of the more enlightened few that are able to sidestep your personal thoughts, beliefs and any other mind clouding nonsense, you’d also be left with the same last man standing shouting at the top of his lungs. The numbers don’t add up!

By weeding out one possibility after another our group continued our step by step apophatic approach to uncovering what’s really going on here. The tedious work of eliminating what couldn’t be eventually left us as it always does. It left us with the last man standing.

The Coronavirus is the catalyst that’s going to kick off the demise of our current world economies.

I actually think is a brilliant approach of introducing the inevitable. I mean face it the governments will never admit they’ve been robbing us blind. It has to crash, they’ve kicked the can down the road as far as possible. The US debt is sheer insanity, trillions in debt with a derivative market on life support with a kinked feed tube.

Now stay with me on this. In all rationality how can anyone blame a government for a flu? A flu that develops into this global pandemic which leads too and forces a global lockdown. A world lockdown in efforts to save a massive percentage from perishing? The answer is  YOU CAN’T! If anything I’d say they’d be acting responsibly BUT ONLY if those facts were true. As the onion peels further the correct question to be asking becomes. Does the Coronavirus warrant a global shutdown? After reading this post you decide.

I’m more concerned this is only the start of what’s being pulled over the eyes of a half-baked half a sleep world citizenry. From here it’s anybody’s guess, forced vaccines, elimination of paper currency, curfew’s, I/D chipping, travel privileges and who knows. Those intersections haven’t quite arrived yet, however are fast approaching. Our research alone could have never revealed it would be the Coronavirus that started it all in motion.

It was the lockdown! That was the missing piece that made it check all the boxes! THE LOCKDOWN!

So the group began looking up various centers for disease control scouting for the numbers that would reveal the true picture. In one way or another everything’s an equation. What caught our interest was discovering the fact that it would require millions of confirmed deaths from the same viral strain in order to warrant this kind of total global lockdown. Yes people I did say millions! That’s when my little Sherlock Holmes brain started to shift gears.The crap began to smell real strong.

That’s how we found it, because as of April 2, 2020 the death count is a mere 49,479 deaths worldwide. For those needing a drip feed of negativity there’s a current up to the hour analyses at https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

By now if you’re not already beginning to want to at least ask questions and inquire further and away from the mainstream sources you’ve been previously relying on, then you deserve what’s coming. Anybody who still put’s their blind trust in the same sources that are lying to them even  after solid unbiased evidence is presented to them well… those folks do deserve what usually follows.

Research groups know it’s always one or a combination of the same three things that trap almost anyone or anything when lying. These things are the timeline, the age and the geography. So I ask you, what commonality do all three share? They’re all numbers. That’s why we always crunch the numbers.

People this seems to be a twisted joke being played out on the ignorant. Numbers folks no emotions, if you take the total number of world cases as of April 30th 2020 which was 772,025 divided by the total number of fatalities 37,019 crunch them together and you get a 4.8% fatality rate.

You don’t shutter down the entire planet on lockdown over a 4.8% fatality rate.

People try your utmost to understand that it makes no difference whether or not you understand what’s going on. You will not be immune to its effects. Our freewill allows us the choice of ignorance but cannot protect us from the effects of making that choice. It’s at that point when everyone’s freewill runs into a brick wall.

As I promised if time allows I’ll dig in a bit deeper over the next while. For now I just want to supply you with some accurate numbers. In prior posts I made mention on several occasions that I can twist any graph and make it show radically different results. I’m not going to do that. It’s already being done to you. If allowed to I’m only going to ease you toward the middle of the circle. Once there you’ll find that it’s hardly spinning compared to hanging on from the outside.

Things always appear clearer when you’re not spinning as fast. It allows time to focus so everything’s not one big blurry mess. The center just like in the tree of life represents balance. The place you’d want to be, or at least should want to be.

Fear only breads more fear that’s why you’re being bombarded with it!

Earlier on I mentioned how the numbers on this virus were not making sense. Here are a few selected examples. Nothing’s been fudged these are accurate numbers. For those solely sourcing mainstream you should still come up with reasonably close results.

Let’s hope common sense prevails from there and most start deriving their information from more reliable channels. These realities will never be found on any mainstream media.

Try your utmost to go into this with an open slate, a fresh piece of paper and sharp pencil. If you can’t I’m sorry for you. It’s those folks that these vital to understand points will whoosh over the top of their head just like the sound when we send off an email. They stay wrapped up in fear and promoting it every chance they can.

Remember it’s unlearning that’s difficult NOT LEARNING!

Alright lets go. Since I reside in the Dominican Republic I’ll first use that country. As my second choice primarily because of its popularity with my subscribers I’ll use the U.S. You may want to try this using your own country city county whatever. The same formula will work for any country. You just have to pull the numbers.

Even though it was not my intention this well researched information should help relax your stress level at least about the virus part. That is if you’re capable of independently thinking.

Regarding the world economy well… that’s another set of posts for a future series. We’ll see if the responses keep coming in I’ll know there’s an interest. The real damage this smokescreen caused won’t really be felt until shortly after the smoke rises… when returning to an open market.

Strange as it might sound the real damage won’t be felt until shortly after returning to work. To those who don’t avidly study in these subjects I understand it sounds exactly opposite to you. Trust me it’s not. I just don’t have the time (or desire) to explain why but we haven’t felt anything yet.

Perhaps even harder to understand is learning that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that within a year the DOW is running in the low 30’s. It’s circumstances like we’re currently experiencing that eventually create the final shift from public to private, from government to the markets. There’s always opportunity, the trick is finding it without falling in love with it. I know so many subscribers and friends who hung on a bit too long only to find themselves chasing the market down. People have a tendency to do it with their Real Estate as well.

Side bar: Remember this will work on any country, nation, city or any area that has a population! After testing it for yourself and then verifying what we’re showing is in fact accurate it’s at that intersection where I ask the following.

At that point ANYONE not willing to forward this to everyone they come in contact with email it to everyone they know both family and friends to please get off the bus at the next stop. Let them decide for themselves you just do the forwarding.

In the current state of affairs I feel that anyone not willing to share quality well researched unbiased factual information should not benefit from it either. The many hours of dedicated research our team the Mentor’s put into these subjects should not come as a benefit to those who only hoard.

We do this research because we find it interesting. We enjoy peeling onion’s I guess? We do it free so everyone can have it and benefit from it. We put this together almost 12 years prior… and still in 2020 run a near 95% accuracy. I did say free right? Initially we did it for the primary purpose of just plain old helping. Some refer to this as “Christ Consciousness, the fourth dimension” but only by the enlightened by those who study. It worked but not enough.

We need help from your side. I’m sorry to say humanity is losing this battle. You’re currently in lockdown you have no excuses.

Liane recently mentioned this thought she was having. Because of the current circumstances she backtracked her thoughts to the past. She went on to say “Remember years prior when I’d ask you what you were doing on the computer so late at night and you’d jokingly say going to school?” I answered “I do remember you’d then walk away shaking your head like I was an idiot right?” Liane knows my teammates Stephan, Shlomo and Yossi the Mentor’s.

Even though Liane’s not anywhere close to holding the same level of interest in the trends as we do, she does know the guys fairly well… over two and a half decades she’d have to. Anyway I do in fact remember. I said many times to her “One day the time invested will be worth a dozen master’s degrees.” She recently said while hugging me “now I understand what you mean’t about worth ten masters degrees”. We only want to assist those willing to open their mind and see they’re being tricked. Now let’s move on with crunching some numbers.

Facts for the Dominican Republic March 29, 2020

Population: 2019- 11,500,000.

Reported cases 860 March 29, 2020

Death count 39 March 29, 2020

Let’s do the math and find out the percentage of population that is infected as of March 29 2020. Population infected 860 divided by the population 11,500,000 which equals .0075% of the Dominican Republic is currently infected with the disease.

Now let’s find out the death rate as of March 29th from this terrible killer virus pandemic. Population deceased from the virus totals 40. Forty have died at the time of writing this post. Divide by the 11,500,000 population and you get .00035% of the population.

Now let’s find out what perhaps is most useful for my point. This is the percentage of folks infected from the virus that perished. Divide 40 by 860 and you get a 4.65% fatality rate. YOU DON’T CLOSE DOWN AN ENTIRE WORLD BECAUSE OF A 4.65% fatality rate I call big time BS on that one. Due to better medical facilities the numbers in capitalist nations like the U.S. should even be lower. If they are then there’s definitely more that’s going on here. Let’s see.

Facts for the United States March 29, 2020

Population 330,000,000

Reported cases 125,000

Death count 2194

So let’s do the same math as above.

Infected percent of population 125,000 divided by 330,000,000 = .039%

Death rate of population 2194 divided by 330,000,000 = .00065%

Once again let’s find percentage of the infected that perished from the virus. Divide 2194 by 125,000 rounded up to the next tenth and you get 1.8% a death rate. This confirms the groups suspicions something more is present.

This isn’t even taking into consideration average age of victim or pre-existing illnesses which would also lower the percentage.

In Italy the death rate from Coronavirus WITH No PRIOR Illness sits at 0.8%. The average age of the infected is 82 YEARS OLD!
Why aren’t people asking the right questions.

For example did you know the average age of the deceased in Italy was 82? Of which 48.5% had 3 or more prior illnesses, 25.2% had two prior illnesses and 25.1% had one prior illness. Illnesses like cancer, kidney, lung and heart. These are major ailments for anyone let alone people who are an average of 82 years of age! Putting your personal emotions aside here’s what they’re actually saying. They’re telling you this deadly virus killed 0.8% of folks who were averaging 82 years of age with no pre-existing conditions. Folks careful you’re watching a shit show while you’re being set up.

Please take whatever time necessary to fully understand these next few paragraphs. It’s imperative that you understand this. According to all the mainstream hype there could be millions infected” who’ve never been tested. Because I study these ploys and have for over three decades I can tell you with absolute surety.

This is a scare tactic.

First point: The overwhelming percentage of those infected with flu like symptoms thought they had nothing more than the seasonal flu. WHY because their symptoms told them so. As such they went unreported.

Pay close attention this next part is how they’re tricking you into a state of fear.

The fatality rate of those who died from the virus can only go down never up!!! Here’s why. According to the mainstream’s own words millions of cases will go unreported. After a headline like that I can already see the fear oozing from the ignorant and the fear promoters forwarding it to their subscribers. They’re using it to scare you I’m telling you it’s the exact opposite. THINK don’t panic!

Think! If millions of cases go unreported instead of panicking we all should be celebrating. Add the millions of UNREPORTED cases. All of which had to have recovered or they would have been added to the death rate. Then redo the math.

You’ll find the fatality rate drops substantially further. It has to. Every death is a guaranteed number but everyone infected is not!

That’s how we know this, it’s easy. We know the number of deaths but don’t know how many millions have recovered and gone unreported. The higher that number is the lower the death rate will be. It’s simple math. By adding in the very same number they used to scare you with the “millions of unreported cases” by adding in that same number will always lower the percentage rate of deceased! Which is exactly opposite of what they’re trying to portray. In case anyone’s still wondering it’s a good thing not a bad one. You’re just being hoodwinked and not realizing it.

I’m sorry to keep side barring but It’s that imperative that you all understand this. A good portion of lives may depend on it. If I told you  the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter I’m confident by the number I’ve already asked most would agree. That’s only information. Information most held as being true. However the opposite is true. The days get shorter in the summer and longer in the winter. HUH?? you figuring. What’s the first day of summer? It’s June 21st. What’s the longest day of the year it’s June 21st. June 22 is about 1.5 minutes shorter than the 21st. Same for winter The first day of winter is December 21st. It’s the shortest day of the year. The second day of winter being the 22nd has a couple of minutes more of daylight than the 21st was. That’s perspective. Get it?

I mentioned earlier how I can twist any stat or graph to read what I want it too. What I didn’t tell you is they can too. This is exactly what’s being done to the majority out there who are currently finding themselves in a fear and panic mode. I just reversed their well-known strategy to prove to you it’s only a ploy to keep you in fear.

From here on it’s up to you to first check it, then use it and finally spread it. Don’t mask it! Surely these words can be understood in our current environment. 

It’s just not accurate how mainstream is reporting and it’s being done on purpose.  My greatest desire is that one day we’ll be able to see unbiased justice for this malicious act of robbing the ignorant of their hard earned savings and retirements.

Just because most don’t know they’re being robbed doesn’t make it right either.

Honestly I’m arriving to the point of thinking that a fair amount must want to be kept in a suspended state of fear indefinitely. Fear porn sells so it can pay the bills. Similar to ignorance fear is also addicting. Folks there are plenty current and future developments that rightfully warrant your concern. While the virus should warrant concern particularly for those with preconditions it is in no way what it’s being portrayed as. This does not even come close to the numbers required for a pandemic. I’m warning all who read this. It’s a head fake causing you to proceed in the wrong direction. Just so were 100% clear here.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to worry about, I’m saying the response must be proportional to the threat. Fear, stress and worry themselves lowers the efficiency of anyone’s immune system.  

The Mentors have run the numbers on several countries and in several categories. All were running similar percentages. Some slightly higher some slightly lower, but none varying by any great degree or even approaching the numbers required to be causing this lockdown. If you spend the time checking it out for yourself and do come up with similar results at that juncture if you still can’t question the logic of closing down the entire world over these ridiculously low percentages you’re beyond reasoning. Even in developing countries the numbers are NOT out of line.

It’s been one dog and pony show after another now for decades and still the majority doesn’t sense we’re being hoodwinked. There’s no other accurate way to look at this unbiased. For the extremely ridged minded we’ll even attach what’s been out for a while now. Several countries have long since relabeled this strain of Coronavirus as not even life threatening.

For example this one’s direct from the Government of the UK’s own website.  www.gov.uk  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid yet as of today the mainstream makes it sound like they’re dropping in the streets. People if this were true you’d have bodies lying in the streets just from the homeless population alone. You’d be witnessing huge air drops of supplies, you’d be hearing and seeing ambulances on a regular basis. So are you!

People we’re approaching the late stages where ignorance meets reality. Liane and I along with the other members of the mentors have been preparing for a long time now, so for us it’s as good as it gets. As hard as it is for some to do, you have to remove any personal fears you’re currently possessing. They’ll only be clouding you views. Wipe the slate clean from any preconceived feelings or beliefs. You can’t make unbiased decisions if you can’t leave your personal feelings and beliefs out.

This is one recipe that they’re not already baked in the cake. Under these conditions they’ll actually work against you. When in uncharted waters an old familiar map is no friend. We are all currently sailing in uncharted waters.

One of the most popular questions I’ve been fielding has been asking why I stopped blogging about the trends. It’s a fair question, subscribers know how much a passion of mine the topic is. Truth is over the past while the opposite’s been happening. I’ve been burning the hours regularly with the mentors. Truth is we too need to navigate the next upcoming intersections. Just because we’ve nailed these correctly doesn’t mean the next ones will be. Constant team research is what’s needed. People you can’t stay up on this alone. There’s too many intersections too much information for one mind to handle process and sort.

Another honest reason why I took a break from trends blogging was I took a good look at myself. I know how hard it was for me to change myself; I then realized what my chances were of changing anybody else. It matters little if your intentions are pure most are closed minded and will have to change themselves doing it the hard way. People It’s unlearning first then relearning. If the vessel’s already full it cannot accept any more.

It hurts me to see so many who choose, remain clueless about what lies ahead. It’s because I know that it hurts. We study while most make reservations. I’m tired of hurting silently inside. That’s why I went on to more jubilant topics like traveling around the DR and of course the town of Cabrera. Cabrera’s the best! Those kinds of topics bring joy not only to myself but to anyone who chooses to watch them. This was the real down to earth answer why I stopped.

Now we stay tight with our small group. We’re extremely well prepared for what may lie ahead, however soon we’ll be leaving this intersection. Soon it’s back to night classes if you know where i’m headed when saying that. I’ve always promoted the importance of flexibility and we too have wavered to adapt to the surrounding environment. We “make reservations” now as well, but understand the best poisons are taken in small doses. We’re more careful about sensitive subjects. People will find out on their own.

Seems that nowadays when people get trapped in their points of view they feel as if they’re being personally attacked. They immediately lash out in self defense. They just mindlessly counter attack even though most often their position makes little if any sense. I’ve come to understand the issue often lies in the fact they can’t answer the questions, the facts being presented makes a strong case so they redirect it as if it were a personal attack against them. They’re scared, they’re cornered and like any cornered animal will fight back in self defense.

We study these defense postures and mechanisms.

Which is why we now have this great divide among the citizenry. You say democrat, they say republican, you say up, for them it’s automatically down. Just a couple of examples, but I’m confident a fair amount reading this will concur.

People who can’t keep their personal thoughts on ice shouldn’t get into heated debates.

Everything is a dichotomy. Part of doing this kind of research pays off better than any diploma ever could have. However the other side hurts, it can and will cut deep. It’s because you do know where this is headed and so many that you either like or care for don’t. The part that hurts the most is they don’t want to know. That cut is my personal deepest but as they say. It is what it is.

In today’s world it’s just as easy to negate millions as it is pocket change. Either way it’s just a couple of keystrokes. Those who think differently beware. No one’s showing the money anymore, it’s a debit here a credit there, all we ever see are spreadsheets. I love that line in the movie Jerry Maguire “Show me the money”, nobody shows you the money anymore.

It’s no coincidence how all of a sudden and after so long of an absence so many are coming out of the closet and reaching out. After all I do study the trends. I did mention in several past posts the year we’ll begin experiencing undeniable major shifts will occur either in 2020 to 2021. Not bad considering we understood and posted about it commencing back in 2014 but it’s not me it’s us.

The answer is obvious, a major percentage have now and perhaps for the first time are witnessing what’s happening around them and so they are in fear. I did mention way back in the beginning of this long post about the four primordial fears. They’re being used against the ignorant to sheer perfection.

People are bathed in fear or wondering if there’s still enough time, they’ve got questions. With the current escalation we feel there are seven possible future paths that are in fact very viable possibilities. When I use the term uncharted waters for everyone that includes us too.

Currently I’m running short on answers. As a team the Mentors we’re well prepared for arriving at this new found major intersection. We called it near spot on. However before arriving to it could not have really planed much further past it. Just one of those times we had to first arrive before navigating further. We recently did arrive so it’s back to the long hours with my friends, my own personal mentors. In a nutshell that’s why Liane and I began planning for this years back. Again I remind you you’re currently held on lockdown while reading this! In closing I thank KW for his excellent words.

“Ironic how Black Death, a 50% mortality rate started capitalism and Convid-19 a .003% mortality rate will end it”.

All four of us (Mentors) hope you found these efforts worthwhile and will indeed forward it to everybody. We feel a lot of good lives may be helped if you do. Until next time.












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