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A Sunday Morning Coffee with Barry

Join me as I enjoy a Sunday morning coffee. In fact why not grab one for yourself and Join me. For one it’s Sunday and two we’re under lockdown so where’s there to go anyway? It’s early in the morning and the chickens are noisy. It’s going to be a productive day out in the coop. So if you now have your beverage of choice, why not sit back and relax for a few minutes. Listen to the dialog as I run through a few additional facts pertaining to what I know will soon enough be exposed as the biggest hoax ever committed. Take a few moments to digest what’s being said. I also share a few thoughts I received from subscribers that brought up past mentionings. Much to their surprise and by their own admission, they are still shocked by how much of what was first thought to be way out of the box wild predictions only to have them come to fruition a few years later. Most of the subscribers reaching out politely reminded me that most of these out of the box calls were in prior posts dating back a half-decade or longer. We know as our research group’s been doing this for decades. As of late it seems that more people are taking these ideas and suggestions quite seriously now. Funny how a global lockdown has a way of changing some previously closed minds. Remember everything’s a dichotomy. Just as some have gained perspective the vast majority have lost it even further. All throughout history these kinds of divides in the citizenry have served to be the kindling that’s ignited every revolution. I did say to be expecting a hockey stick uptick in violence. We’ll soon enough see if that call was on the mark as well. By the look of things I’d say it’s looking like another near bullseye. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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