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Meet Cabrera’s Future Residents Jenna & Roberto

Wow! Lately it’s been so busy for us that Liane finally had the opportunity to edit, post and release this video. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days together with two awesome folks named Roberto and Jennifer. It was news to me, but apparently they’ve been avid subscribers for a long time, however they never actually reached out until they were boots on the ground in the Dominican Republic. Roberto is actually Dominican although raised for the greater part in New York.   Jennifer’s heritage is from Puerto Rico, but the latter part of the geography mirrors that of Roberto’s.

Our time together was awesome and although it’s not too often that ole Barry is lost for words, this time it’s rather hard to dovetail our two days together into just one or two words.  It was enjoyable, productive, informative and even life changing. All these words share what took place in just two days together! In fact they returned for a day visit before Liane had the chance to upload this video!!!

For two days I basically sat back, answered their questions and witnessed. What I saw was two folks whose heritage originates from this region of the planet rekindle something. What was rekindling that I don’t know, but here’s what I do.

I have the privilege of meeting a lot of folks that originate from all parts of the planet. However it’s only those whose histories originate from this region of the Caribbean that display some sort of reconnecting to an almost “lost feeling”. Even living in New York as great that may sound to some can’t seem to satiate it. Roberto and Jennifer are far from the first Dominican or Puerto Rican folks we’ve assisted. There’s been several so we know this from hands on experience.

They say separation creates clarity, it is a universal law. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy to see these things from a distance. Isn’t it always easier to see things in others than it is to see the same things in ourselves? You see separation really does create clarity. What about you? Can you see the expressions from Roberto and Jennifer? Guess Cabrera’s found two more great future residents. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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