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Three Day Getaway Trip to Las Galeras and Surrounding Area – Day 3

With day three approaching we first planned a visit to a seaside cave. It’s actually not well known but if you ask around one of the locals will know. If you’re into that sort of thing it’s worth the trip. I was actually surprised at how big it was. After our morning caving deal it was time to say goodbye to the Las Galeras area. Time was moving fast and we still wanted to make a couple more stops on the way home. I wanted to show Liane a Dominican marble mine that I knew about. Until recently I didn’t know that the Dominican Republic exports a fair amount of marble in raw form. These blocks of marble were huge! From there we continued down the dirt road to one of the country’s larger blow holes. It’s named La boca de Diablo or mouth of the devil. That area the coastline brings back many memories and reminds me so much of the South Pacific where as a youth spent a fair amount of my time. What an awesome fun time we had on the entire trip. It’s easy and economical to enjoy this great country.

As our subscribers know we tend to really get around the Dominican Republic. In fact over a time span exceeding two decades I’ve Covered most of this country. Even after all the time and miles still at the end of each trip the bast part for us both is knowing we’re returning home and that home is in a great peaceful town called Cabrera. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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