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Three Day Getaway Trip to Las Galeras and Surrounding Area – Day 2

Because there’s a lot of ground to cover day two got off to an early start. The hotel supplied a suitable breakfast consisting of eggs, cheese, ham, toast, coffee, juice and an assortment of fruit. Actually the coffee was so good and since we always travel with our own fresh cream, we actually stayed for a refill before saying goodbye. A full day lies ahead and there are several places to visit or revisit. Over several visits we’ve found this area to be one of our favorite places for enjoying coastline scenery. If that’s your thing I’d also (if you haven’t already done so) check out the series featuring the country’s South West areas. They’re awesome!

All right for now it’s back in the truck. Yota has some work to do. We’re off to enjoy some of the most pristine coastline roads. While doing it we’ll also film some of the most stunning beaches, together we’ll watch the spray springing from the many natural blow holes dotting the coastline. It’s an awesome place to visit but perhaps what we love most about the over 200,000 miles traveled in the DR is this; At the end of it all we know we’re returning to Cabrera. You don’t always have to tell your side of the story, Time Will! Until next time, Barry in DR.


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