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Two Days Trip to Las Galeras We Arrive at Playa Rincon

Ride along with us as we continue what turned out to be one fantastic two days trip. In this segment my buddy Cole and I arrive at Playa Rincon. Conservatively it’s been at least three years since last visiting Playa Rincon and the changes noted were many. The entire infrastructure going to and around the beach have changed, they’ve expanded abundantly. We observed how they’ve graded new roads, roads set for paving. Enjoy the pristine views as we drive down a sandy beach road which leads to a nice beachside restaurant.

It was a shame that the back road I was hoping to cover, was now all blocked off and access from any direction was terminated. Remembering what was mentioned in several prior videos about flexibility, being able to change on the fly without losing momentum, we decided to back track about ten miles and take the paved road to Los Llaves.

One of the main reasons for doing these videos covering the entire country is to promote the diversity of the DR. A country located a mere 18 degrees off the equator, yet freezes in its higher altitudes. The DR is a country where you’ll be able to find evergreen trees located next to banana trees. It’s a place where overnight temps can drop to a hair above freezing and be a balmy 85 degrees by midday. One thing is for sure Island fever plays no part of living in the DR. Strap in and enjoy.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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