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Two Days Trip to Las Galeras Stopping for Lunch at Restaurante Rincon Ruby

Well it’s about 1:30 and time for lunch. We’ve been traveling since about 10:00 and due to the change of plans we didn’t have time to stop for a mid-day snack. Just outside of Rincon we spotted what appeared to be a nice place to stop. Turns out it was. Clean place with a good selection on the menu. The food we ordered was excellent. We even had company to share in the festivities. A curious cat came up to the table and after a few morsels rapidly became our uninvited lunch guest. Have to admit our new found furry friend made itself right at home. We enjoyed the company but had to part ways right after finishing our meal. There is a lot more to discover before the day comes to a close. As you can see the DR is not a small place. You’ll never get the feeling of being trapped on a small island. We love the diversity in its people, places and things. I bet a large majority of you watching will too. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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