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Why a Seasoned Traveler chose Cabrera

I invite you to relax and spend the next few minutes watching what at least I think is an informative video. Meet Daryl, he is a seasoned traveler and while he mentions his “short list” of countries he’s visited surrounding South America and the Caribbean, when spanning the balance of the globe Daryl’s list continues fairly extensively. To sum it up compared to most that I meet let’s just say Daryl has traveled more. He has more wisdom, the kind of wisdom that’s only established by hands on experience.

After doing so many interviews when something fresh enters, something that reproves if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen, you’ll understand why after so many previous interviews with my visitors, why I was excited to be doing this one.

Daryl is an entrepreneur in his mid-thirties and he has a young son. Listen to his story of why out of all the countries he’s been to he chose to make the DR his home. Perhaps more importantly listen to how he does it. Until permanently relocating it’s a lot of back and forth small trips for now.

I’m pleased to have done this interview. Daryl is operating at frequencies I easily merge with. Only by watching this video can you determine if you are to? Like Daryl is proving sometimes you just have to “ Do It!”.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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