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Three Day Getaway Trip to Las Galeras and Surrounding Area – Day 1

Once more it’s that time again, it’s time to yell out ALL ABOARD!!! Why not come along with us? Pack a small bag and hop into the back seat. This time you’ll be joining Liane and me on another one of our many short trips around the DR. This time it’s Las Galeras and the surrounding areas of Playa Rincon. As it always goes with us we like adventuring and discovering those hidden out of the way spots, so don’t expect to be traveling along the main roads for too long.

As always on this trip we venture out on a few off-road journeys. For some reason they always seem to yield the most spectacular and surprising views. Our three day two night adventure covered some of the country’s most beautiful coast lines and beaches. We explored caves, a marble mine, the blow holes including the one referred to La Boca de Diablo (the mouth of the devil).

For anyone considering a visit to this region of the country there’s nothing short of a boatload of useful information located within this three part series. Hop in the back seat and enjoy. Las Galeras has some of the best French bakeries featuring excellent breads, sandwiches and of course divine French pastry and perhaps the best part is there’s nothing to be concerned about. The seatbelts in Yota are fully adjustable so for sure don’t forget to pack your appetite. Liane and I will be waiting for you. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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