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Philadelphia Firefighter & His Wife Decide to Retire in Cabrera

I recently spent a week with two super folks we met the year prior. Rob and Jackie hail from Philadelphia and they decided to pay us a second visit. I guess something about Cabrera they felt was worth a second look as the location to spend their retirement years. Towards the end of the trip when asked if the second time was even better Rob’s action on camera says it all. They loved it here.   Both Rob and Jackie worked exceptionally hard for what they’ve achieved together. When I listen to Rob describe what it’s like being a fireman during the winter months it’s easy to tell he can’t wait to get out.  Actually they both seem to want out period, out of the nation as well. First you visit, then you gain a bit of hands on experience and suddenly some folks just realize I CAN DO THIS! It’s not even that difficult and the funniest thing is, it even costs a whole lot less to live this lifestyle. Your body will thank you for it as well. So what are you waiting for?  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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