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Spur of the moment visit pleasantly surprises long time subscribers

I love hearing from our subscriber’s. It’s the reason I do my best to answer every email or comment. I recently received an email from a couple of long time subscribers who were on vacation, but not in our region. They were vacationing over in Las Terrenas and after watching almost all of our videos decided to reach out and see if I’d have time to meet for a coffee. They wanted to see if I’d have a free afternoon and if so they’d hire a cab and take the hour and a half venture. As it happens I did. I also suggested that they let me book them into a clean safe room to spend the night in Cabrera. There’s no point in traveling both ways in a day. It leaves very little time to learn anything about the area. They agreed and we made our plans together. We all had a great time and since departing John and Holly have already switched the previous plans and decided to revisit Cabrera. Something tells me this is the start of yet another friendship. Who knows perhaps even future neighbors? Join me in what turned out to be a down to earth interview with two exceptional people. It was a privilege introducing John and Holly to a brief few, a few of the motley crew who call Cabrera home. Feasibly after watching this video you too might want to get connected. If you’ve been scouting desirable offshore locations you’d be short changing yourself by not including our little region in you search.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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