Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

While most westerners find themselves focusing on what can best be described as the greatest real time dog and pony show in history, a second perhaps even more serious event goes unnoticed. Although the uniformed masses seem content in segregating a large portion of their limited intellect, to the importance of which misfit might be [...]

We’re currently receiving the side effects of Hurricane Matthew. As Matthew continues to progress along its course we’re receiving some welcomed rains. Since there’s not much I can do outside I thought it might be a good time to furnish another short article, but about what? For the immediate moment the subject remained a mystery, [...]

I suppose it’s been over two weeks since anyone’s last heard from me. When there’s several back to back groups paying us a visit that’s just how it goes. I suppose it’s the reason why I won’t commit to a regular schedule of postings, I can’t. As they say time waits for no one and [...]

There’s been a lot of media hype in regards to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s recently released article Toward a Global Realignment. Of course when I say media hype, I’m referring to alternative media. By now most people reading my posts have way past figured out news is not found on any MSM broadcasts. I want to bring [...]

Nothing quite sells the story better than before and after. Perhaps that’s why it’s used in marketing to the extent that it is. Everywhere you look in any form of media chances are you’ll be finding it. We’ve all seen those advertisements showing what a person looked like before and after using a particular product [...]

There’s just so much that’s currently happening I honestly have trouble picking which event to write about. There’s such a broad selection of topics ranging from a coughing psychopath to the daily deaths of the men in blue. With such a vast amount to choose from it represents quite a challenge to decide which goes [...]

There’s a lot of truth in the saying you have to slow down in order to speed up. In my youth I would constantly hear those words from my father. He used to do a lot of circle racing back in Canada and as a kid I’d love to head out to the track every [...]

The principal reason for introducing our second site lies within the thousands of emails received from our DR Escapes subscribers. Good folks looking for ideas, Ideas that only derive from on the ground experience. In the video to the left of this post build a better plan B I’ll be taking a no holds barred [...]

With all the compost being forwarded in cyber space it’s refreshing to occasionally read something that’s spot on the money. An article that actually contains real value or what one might call nourishment for the brain. Every so often I’ll read a post that’s near perfection and I just did. It’s by Dmitry Orlov and [...]

The largest Newspaper in Belize just released an article warning its citizens to start preparing for the imminent collapse of the EU and the onset of WWIII. Interesting how countries all over the world are reporting on the inevitable collapse of the EU. Why isn’t the US? I’ve mentioned well before the Brexit vote this [...]

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