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Exceptional Value Farm With Residence

Anyone following my YouTube channel for any length of time knows at least one thing about me. I love to get around the back country. I love driving “Yota” my 1990 Toyota diesel Landcruiser 4X4 and enjoying the outlying roads. With that in mind I was delighted when I received a call to head out about 15 minutes outside Cabrera and meet up with someone who ultimately led me onto what turned out to be an excellent find.

Much the same as anyone I’m always on the lookout for good values. That’s precisely why I found this just under 8 Acre farm to be a front runner. I know the area well and for light farming it’s very decent. The property is apt for raising medium sized farm animals such as goats, pigs. The property is also suited for up to 10 cows. Plenty of deep soil assures growing local fruits and vegetables will be no issue. Has water and electricity on site and the owner owns the transformer. But the real shock, at least to me follows.

Once I found out that the 3 bedroom home was part of the property is right about the time my internal value alarm triggered. Home needs some work but nothing that’s considered major when dealing with concrete construction. Once renovated this entire property would make for an excellent environment to call home. Until next time, Barry in Dr

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