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Rare Find Two Tiered double entry property

Hi guys it’s Barry in DR. As promised I’d be keeping our subscribers in the know whenever I find something really worth a second glance. Not long ago I ventured into another agreement where I was involved in subdividing a property. As always is the case my responsibility was to determine its highest and best use. While in its entirety this property was a jagged parcel of land. So much so that most wouldn’t even recognize its true potential.

I was called in to perform the same work that I did for our Mountain and Sea project that’s located about 500 yards to the west. After the owners witnessed what can be done and what we actually did with a similar parcel I was given an invite to see if I was interested in taking on the task. A bit of a sidebar… it didn’t hurt that they already knew the Mountain and Sea project is over 80% sold in just over two years. Anyway we discussed the options and eventually I took on the challenge.

It took over three months to break down the summits as the peaks and pinnacles were endless. Three months of nonstop work using full size backhoes fitted with power chisels. Eventually we created a flat plateau. When finished we began grading and packing each lot. Honestly now that it’s done I can’t believe it’s the same piece of land.

Our next step was to grade and pack the road connecting all three of these exclusive pieces. The end results are three unique lots that have multiple entrances. The possibilities are endless for the savvy minded person who would want to have up to three short term rentals while living on the same land. What perhaps amazed me most was the fact that you’ll never even know the renters are there. Due to the designing that yielded double entrances both owners and renters will never sacrifice privacy. The video doesn’t begin to do it justice when compared to actually being there. But that’s what our DYD tours are all about.

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