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The Best Of What Los Valles Has To Offer

I recently came across a nice property located in Los Valles. The property’s located only 12 minutes to Cabrera and 25 to Nagua. Surrounded by beaches this property is perfect for the person’s who’s looking at being here over the next five or so years. While it certainly can be built on and lived in right now, I feel this property is best suited for the person who wants to get into a higher quality property only at yesterday’s prices. Over time many fitting this category will be priced out of these views.

For this category of investor it makes better sense to get in early and hold. Why not there are no carrying costs associated with vacant residential lots. No maintenance to worry about or maintenance companies to deal with, no monthly checks or wirings to deal with either. Funny thing years later they both net nearly equal percentages of appreciation. In the end both usually yield a nice margin. Like I always say choices are always subjective.

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