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What will you do and see on our Discover Your Destination tour?

One question I’m often asked is what entailed in the DYD tour. Where will we be going, what will we see? You know the general questions you’d think might have an easy answer. Turns out these questions don’t have simple answers.

Over the past six plus years I’ve done close to 700 discovery tours, met over 2000 folks and as of yet never mirrored the same tour twice. This is not some cookie cutter expedition. The DYD tour was designed exclusively for folks looking to relocate. Having said that each person is different so once we get to know their particular interests I tailor the tour to fit that criteria. Some like beaches while others like farm areas while others like the spectacular views and cooler breezes.  This is a case where one size definitely does not fit all.

Take for example this video. I recently was with three great folks. At the same time had to re-stake one of our properties and so they came along. On the same day had to check over another property that was recently graded. Needed to double check that one so guess what? When you’re touring with me anything’s possible.

When I mention that you’ll learn more about the DR in five days touring than you will on your own in several months I’m not kidding.  It reminds me of another couple I toured with last year. They’ve been to the DR on nine previous occasions. They’re parting comment after a considerable amount of expressing thanks was to say the following, “even though we’ve been to the DR nine times you’ve shown us more in five days than in all our previous trips combined” Is it any wonder why they’re now our neighbors? Enjoy this short video of a typical day in the DR. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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