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Why I listen to Martin Armstrong

Extraordinary Wise.
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Those who’ve been reading my posts for any length of time know for a fact I’ve said on numerous occasions wisdom is only gained by hands on experience. In a nutshell this is why I listen to Martin Armstrong. Right from the belly of the beast is where Armstrong’s wisdom originates. How many people are called upon by top leaders of superpower nations asking for help? Help in solving their nations economic perils. On several occasions Armstrong’s actually represented nations as his clients!

Martin Armstrong was a close personal friend of the late Margaret Thatcher. Tremendous respect from both sides dovetailed to a close friendship. When referring to her in past speeches that I’ve listened to he referred to her as Maggie. Only real wisdom allows you this close to a person such as Margaret Thatcher.
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For a person like Armstrong evidently it’s not all that rare. Britain and China are two examples I know of off the top of my head. He also was a close personal adviser to the late Margaret Thatcher.

Martin Armstrong’s track record for accuracy is top shelf. While hosting some of the most diverse reasoning Armstrong’s results speak volumes for themselves. Armstrong’s about research never opinion which supports my claim why all throughout history the masses have always been wrong. Most don’t research most function off opinion.

Martin Armstrong is a major reason for me being so accurate in my blogging over the last five years. When it comes to the Dollar, Gold and Silver over the past five years I’ve been pretty much spot on, but it’s not originating from me. It originates from the wisdom of others who are willing to share and Armstrong must be that kind of being. My father always taught me wisdom not shared is eventually lost. I know he was right. That’s why I blog.

If you interested where several areas of world concern current stand… If you want unbiased accurate information on where we stand globally and what’s down the pipe line listen to this 30 minute podcast. Unbiased fact deriving from a man that’s handled accounts ranging from billion dollar clients to world corporations even Governments and Royalty! Wisdom is why I listen to Martin Armstrong. Perhaps you should too. Podcast linked below. Until next time.

Armstrong Podcast


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