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DBL Cigar Factory Client Appreciation Jamboree

When I received an invite to a private gathering, a gathering that my personal favorite cigar company was holding right off the bat I thought of three names who I know would love to attend. In the DR there’s this unwritten law that everybody’s welcome and keeping that in my thoughts immediately three names came to mind. I was lucky enough to net two out of three so for “my brother from another mother” D.W. this one’s for you. I know you would have had a blast.

The folks over at DBL Cigar Company really rolled out the red carpet (pardon the pun) when putting this client appreciation jamboree together. In total by the time everyone arrived there were easily 60 to 70 folks present. Add in the family and friends and were talking about eighty people who attended. They put on a spread consisting of a variety of local meats and veggies that was amazing! Unlimited local rums, beers and wines were there to keep the mood suited to the occasion. A live Tipico band was there and the music was suited to that part of the country.

Like I’m always saying when you tour the regions with ole Barry in DR you never know what interesting places and events you’ll be seeing. Over 700 Tours and to date no two were alike! 


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