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Success Follows Ambition Meet Daniel

Recently I was introduced to a young man that really impressed me. It was through my partner Johnny that I originally met Daniel. Johnny taught Daniel his English so I suppose that’s how they met. About 3 weeks prior Daniel’s family was visiting Cabrera. I didn’t know at the time he’s originally from the North Coast. I even know some of his relatives! As the saying goes “small world.”

After spending a bit of time together I promptly began to notice a positive frequency was emanating from this young person. His attitude and directional focus seemed to me to be clear and had few obstructions.

Now ole Barry’s been around the block once or twice and over the years have gotten to be pretty accurate in determining real from staged. Daniel’s posture and focus were genuine and I wanted to interview this person.

This video is a positive story. So more can enjoy it we did the audio portion in what I term Spanglish. Both English and Spanish listeners will enjoy a sincere conversation… how a young person gambled and made it. With today’s doom and gloom news isn’t it refreshing to hear something positive for a change. Really who doesn’t like a story with a happy ending?

Hope it encourages some of the youth in this country to begin to see there’s more than baseball out there if you’re strong and can stay the course. We’ll keep interviewing thought-provoking people and visiting interesting places. All you need to do is stay tuned in. Until next time. Barry in DR.

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