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Fireside Chat with my Good Friend Moe Part 1

We first me Moe about six years ago but it wasn’t until about two and a half years prior that we became good friends. I can say with the utmost confidence our families are there for each other. Continuing on with our efforts of supplying accurate examples of what on the ground everyday life is around the town of Cabrera, I hardly think it’s possible without meeting my good friend Moe. Moe’s a Canadian here for over 25 years and during that time has attempted several interesting business endeavors. Some worked while others didn’t but what’s so new about that? The end game is all about wisdom. Wisdom is gained by hands on experience and when it comes to that Moe’s got plenty of it.

I’m glad he’s the type of person who’s always glad to lend a hand to the many families we relocate. In fact that’s how ole Barry came up with some of these quotes. For example when folks are asking questions that I personally don’t know the answer to quite often you’ll hear me reply “Moe Knows” Which is often followed up with what did you say!

When folks are procrastinating you’ll often hear “you need a little Moe-mentum.” And when the dollar falls short what else but “you need a little Moe-Money.” I composed that late one night after leaving our place. Moe grazed the rock wall and when he got out too inspect the minor damage I just happen to say it’s nothing that a little “Moe money can’t take care of.” I’ve been using it ever since.

The town of Cabrera has its good and bad folks, just like any other place on the planet. But I can honestly say Cabrera is a little Moe-better because of down to earth people like our good friend Moe. I often introduce him along with several other good people to my touring guests. We try to make relocation to Cabrera as seamless as possible and with good folks like Moe it’s a little Moe-easier. Until next time Barry in DR.


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