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Fireside Chat with my Good Friend Moe Part 2

Continuing on with part two Moe brings up several good points worth consideration regarding on what I term the simple mistakes. Quoting Moe “you know the simple mistakes to me can be quite traumatizing for the new comers.” Moe continues with a couple of examples of what he refers to as “being climatized.” According to Moe’s decades of wisdom the weather is only one aspect of adjusting. The wisdom keeps flowing “you want to avoid complications” and “you cannot go blindly into any place any country any town and think that what you’re doing is right, because you might be totally wrong.” He then switches gears and explains how he ended up choosing Cabrera out of all the places Moe knows! Sorry couldn’t resist.

There’s a lot more interesting topics that we both touch on and I’m confident there’s some good take home knowledge for all who watch. Personally I’m glad Moe’s up for another interview in the future. He’s a guy possessing too much hands on experience, too much wisdom to be packed into only one interview.

I’ll keep the videos coming, interviewing the interesting people and previewing the best properties. All you have to do is keep watching. As spring rolls around I’ll be venturing out on yet another 4 or 5 day excursion this time with one of my local buddies. Still for those considering relocation there’s nothing that replaces your own boots on the ground so what are you waiting for? Till next time this is Barry in DR.

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