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Canada Follows the US Bail-in’s for the TBTF

Someone once asked me what’s the definition of a Canadian. I replied an unarmed American with health insurance. The more things look different the more they’re actually the same.

Throughout a time span exceeding six years I remember mentioning more than once that my home nation of Canada will be forced to adopt a Bank Recapitalization plan. Soon Canada will be mirroring what Europe and the United States have already implemented and lo and behold that’s exactly what’s transpired. We all remember the great Lehman moment back in 2008 or have most of us already forgotten? I’m no prodigy but when a nation enjoys a stable economy the need for a bank Bail-in package doesn’t exist. Bank recapitalization plans are not what healthy nations fashion into laws.

Tyranny is tyranny. It makes no difference what colored shards of cloth it hides behind.

Recently Canada has adopted the same ploy paralleling its own version of “to big to fail.” In other words just call them Bank Bail-in’s. Guidelines set into a series of confusing laws that are essentially saying if you are either a Canadian citizen or a foreigner holding a Canadian account the Government at their sole discretion can seize your holdings! I’ve attached the Government of Canada document to this post HERE. If you take the time to read it I assure you the first few pages will shock you!

Precisely why in several prior posts I specifically mentioned “You’re NOT a customer of the bank you’re a CREDITOR.” Read the fine print on the account form that you signed. Quoting Martin Armstrong in a recent post “This is how we move from Capitalism to Socialism to Tyranny”

Let me ask what for many might be an obvious question. If we’re being told the worst of this economic downturn is behind us. It’s been communicated to us through every MSM media that we’ve rounded a dangerous economic curve. Rounded it get it, we’ve past it we’re on the comeback trail heading towards greener pastures then why are these laws necessary to begin with? People we’re being lied to!

Have we really rounded this so called curve… perhaps to a degree we have, but the same can be said about the opposite, perhaps we have not. There’s no single line or one word answer that can address a scope of this magnitude. One would have to author a well-researched book but the following serves as a general view of what I see going forward.

I’m certain many sectors will find the changes that unfold too much to bear, thus will become dated fatalities. At the same time I feel some markets will flourish during these same times. Certain crypto’s, cannabis, AI along with all applications of useful technology should actually do quite well. I’m no defeatist I’m actually quite optimistic about what the future holds. I’ve always said the correct question to be asking was never will I be affected? The correct question is to what degree will I be affected?

So what’s new about any of this? Is there really anything new under the sun? Quick answer, no there’s absolutely nothing new about any of this. The tools of time and technology have always effected the direction of our markets and as such affected the direction humanity gravitates toward. Everything in our universe is a dichotomy or some form of duality. Good would have no value if it were not for evil. Since time and technology are tools, as such what determines will they be used for good or for evil will always be determined by the wielder. The upcoming changes will be no different.

Revisiting my original question I’m asking if any of this were true then why was it necessary to implicate this Bail-in package into Law? My entire point revolves around the understanding that none of it’s true. Nations are hopelessly indebted. This whole smokescreen is not sustainable. When any nation implements confiscation laws against citizens or investors begin to worry. Correction very worried! You should be very cautious from now going forward on how best to protect your resources. Honestly I don’t understand how so many are still not seeing the light here. Your savings are now up for grabs by the same people you’ve voted into power.

Everyone needs choices. Everyone should have options, options should the unexpected arise. When I say options I’m including such apparatuses as a foreign bank account and quite possibly a foreign Corporation. You need a second passport, everyone does! Diversify your portfolio, be sovereign. Really it only makes common sense if you analyze it. There is no negative by having a backup plan. Learn how to think a bit more out of the box BEFORE the lid closes on you.

The modern day reenactment of Rome’s “Bread and Circuses” cannot and will not sustain itself. Soon enough it’s going to burst. Governments already know this or they wouldn’t be placing seizure laws on your personal holdings. Governments protect Governments not citizens! There’s an old axiom that says “people don’t revolt with full stomachs.” This wisdom I gained from personal experience and with surety can verify the above quote is 100% true. I might suggest you include a well-planned exit strategy as one of your most essential options. Stable Governments don’t implement seizure Laws on personal holdings! Until next time

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