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Update: The Neocons Are Still Running the Show

What’s With the change of direction on his prior positions. And Now the western nation launches an attack on Syria! Please not again!

With a near 180 degree shift on all his pre-election promises President Donald Trump is starting to resemble a man who’s walking funny, a bit shaky at the knees.  In spite of the post results, the newly elected has already been gelded. I’m guessing that’s where the funny walk originated from, but for real who’s still calling the shots? As several prior posts mentioned it’s the neocons. The neocons are still running the show. President Donald Trump has taken the 5th on just about all of his pre-election promises, it’s hard for me to believe that anyone, but the most closed-minded fool still questions this.

I’ve been on record more times than I can remember stating the following “if Donald Trump does win the election it’s because he was supposed to and therefore little change should be expected”. Adding to the above a past post I wrote from February 25th titled The Neocons Are Still Running the Show has already been updated three times since late February. Technically this post makes 4 updates.

The latest false flag attack in Syria is all about natural resources. The same chemical attack scenario done by another madman dictator that suddenly has to be removed from power. Naturally a western puppet Government needs to be installed to take its place. All this is of course for your safety.

Recently I ran across a good piece of literature by Michael Krieger titled “Prepare for Impact – This is the Beginning of the End for U.S. Empire”. As are many of his contributions to the media Krieger’s article is spot on. By Trump’s choice of action what you’re currently witnessing mirrors the very opposition, which a few months prior found themselves sitting at the opposite sides of the table. In short the opposition loves his latest move on Syria. Why are you surprised? Did you expect by doing the same thing over again things would change? How many millenniums have we as a people been buying into this crap? Even more important how many more will we continue to do so?

The details of a staged event are rarely important. What’s important is knowing how to better position yourself beforehand, so that you’re best equipped to avoid destruction caused by them. What’s already occurred has us all effected. War, environment, crime and the economy all have their effects on us so choose your poison. It’s a fact that throughout our lives we’re constantly being affected by something. It derives from many sources. Mentally, physically, emotionally and financially there’s no shortage of areas one could look. BUT here’s the right question to be asking. Is what you’re currently doing going to solve it? Is analyzing every past detail the most proactive way of using your time? Better to grab one or two details then move on. This way of thinking places you into a position to have enough time, should you need to alter your course to best avoid what lies ahead.

I’m of the notion if there’s an iceberg dead ahead just steer clear. You don’t need to know every detail about the danger that lies ahead. I’ve long since charted its location and have moved way beyond its danger zone. This way of planning promotes action, it doesn’t get lost in over analyzing, followed by procrastination, followed to that pre-mentioned iceberg (SPLAT!). From the many that I meet I understand it’s out of the box for most, but then again I’m not the one who’s looking for a change either. For my readers who like the details I’m linking Krieger’s latest post HERE! It’s excellent material that’s well worth the time it takes to read it.

Those reading my posts for any length of time know I mention the name Martin Armstrong often. Over time there’s no single person that I’ve found that provides the same percentage of accuracy over the long haul. Perhaps that’s why nations ask him to represent their best interests. Let’s just say he’s good, real good at understanding the big picture. He’s one of several reasons why I understood the true relationship between the U.S. and Syria so long ago. I also understand why at almost any costs the U.S. will create another black swan false flag whatever you want to call it event. Again for the details read Armstrong’s piece “How the Press Will Not Tell the Truth About Syria”.

How long have I been saying the U.S. involvement in Syria is based essentially on the need to run a pipeline. It’s largely focused around natural resources. I’m confident in the not to distant future, you’ll also be seeing more coverage about the highly bonded relation between China and Russia, because of China’s urging need for potable water. China is basically becoming a desert, which I’ve stated in prior posts. This is why I’ve been mentioning that no other nation will be capable of driving a wedge into that relationship anytime soon. If the west keeps heading down this path, they’re getting involved in a war they cannot win. Chart your future course carefully. This staged attack on Syria may prove to be fatal. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Apr 9, 2017, 7:49 pm

    Barry, in addition to Michael Krieger’s great post is this interview with former chief of staff to Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. It’s dynamite and a must listen.


  • Gary Apr 9, 2017, 6:55 pm

    Hi Barry,
    I just saw this comment in one of the websites that I visit. It really describes what I feel is coming which is World War 3. I also read Michael Krieger’s article and I must say that he is probably my favorite writer. While many on the alt right were fooled by Trump (and I at times too I admit), Krieger wasn’t. But what’s so good about him is that he also exposed Hilary so he was really impartial. He’s helped, along with you, to keep me on the straight path. Anyhow here’s the comment.

    I first want to tackle the illogic of Bix Weir’s hypothesis. Let’s
    assume that Trump played a fast one on the deep state and he along with
    Putin and Assad planned this bombing. Don’t you think that the deep
    state also knows this and they will demand that Trump take further
    action. They will be out for more blood. The only test of this
    hypothesis of Weir is if Trump says that he was lied to and that he
    apologizes to Syria, Russia and the American people for this bombing. He
    then would have to fire McMaster, Pompeo and Jared Kushner, his
    son-in-law, for lying to him. Short of this Weir’s hypothesis goes into
    the trash can. Do you really think it’s in Trump’s character to admit
    such a horrendous mistake. I don’t think so. In fact the opposite is
    going to happen. The press and the deep state are going to say that
    Trump messed up the bombing and didn’t accomplish really anything and is
    going to dare Trump to man up and prove that he can’t be a laughing
    stock. What do you think Trump is then going to do? That’s right, double
    down. This is a message to all the commentators who praised Trump as
    being a “real man”, a man of decisive action who won’t be pushed around.
    Hey V and Alex Jones you wanted a macho man as president. You’re going
    to get it now! “What you call me, Donald Trump, a wimp, for not doing
    enough damage April 6. I’ll show you. I just gave orders to saturate
    bomb Palmyra and Damascus. Oh Russia you dare take out three of our
    planes with your S300. You’ll see what we’re going to do to you now. You
    don’t mess with Donald Trump”. And on and on it goes.

    So in the 99% likely scenario that Bix Weir is full of shit, we are
    going to war with Russia, Iran, China and North Korea. That in my book
    is World War 3. If Russia doesn’t draw a line in the sand in Syria and
    leaves Syria with its tail between its legs then Russia is in serious
    trouble as a sovereign and independent country because the US and Nato
    will not stop at Syria. After destroying and conquering Syria they will
    then go on to crush Iran, then onto the Caucasus at the same time
    bringing what’s left of Ukraine into Nato and for the finale attacking
    North Korea and weakening China. The US deep state will not, I repeat,
    will not accept anything less than Russia, Iran and China being vassal
    states. I know Russia wants peace and is sick of war but unfortunately
    they have no choice in the matter. Since John McInsane is now the new
    normal in Washington and there is no meaningful opposition in this
    country, we are going to war with Russia. This is baked into the cake.

    So we now come to a world war scenario. It doesn’t mean that Russia
    necessarily has to match the 150,000 US troops into Syria with 150,000
    troops of its own. Russia, if they mean to defend Syria to the death,
    will need to enact asymmetric measures which will need to cripple the
    west financially and economically. Forget appealing to public opinion in
    the west. Those times are over. Iran will have to send enormous boots on
    the ground to fight to protect Syria against the US and Saudi Arabia. By
    defending Syria they’re also defending their own country. Russia has
    gone the extra mile to appeal to the west and Putin even directly talked
    to western reporters imploring them to see the danger. He said “How can
    I get through to you?” Apparently Putin’s appeal has gone on deaf ears.
    So Russia is faced with no choice but to defend themselves and their
    allies. Russia will have to make it plain that any nation that supports
    the US sending in 150,000 troops into Syria will suffer the consequences
    and this stern warning could be sent through back channels to western
    Europe and their stooges in the middle east. Because this will be a
    fight to the finish pitting Russia, China and Iran against
    US/Nato/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Jordan all of these countries are fair game.
    The gloves will be off. Russia could then send long range missiles to
    Hezballah in Lebanon and give them the green light to devastate Israel
    at the time of their choosing, enormous weapons to Iran to then be
    transported to the Houthi fighters in Yemen which would include long
    range missiles to attack the oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and
    Kuwait, and/or supplying the shiite population in eastern Saudi Arabia
    with weapons to destabilize the oil region. The goal of destroying the
    oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. will be to
    cripple Nato’s European front and in addition Russia could stop
    supplying natural gas to western Europe as a cherry on top of the
    sundae. I know this sounds hysterical but these steps would be necessary
    to split Europe from the US and could be done short of nuclear
    exchanges. In fact a financial and economic warfare against western
    Europe would be absolutely necessary to prevent the confrontation going
    hot and possibly nuclear.

    I could go on and on what steps Russia and its allies could take but you
    get the message. Anyhow the above comments hopefully will stimulate
    conversation on your site and start thinking about what World War 3 will
    mean. The bombing of Syria, which to the day was 100 years since the US
    entered World War 1, has created a new paradigm and I believe we all
    have to start changing our mode of thinking in both our personal lives
    and among our family and friends. World War 3 also will entail a drastic
    curtailment of civil rights and the much higher level of the police
    state here at home.

    • Barry May 22, 2017, 9:43 pm

      Key point not mentioned. Much of the damage will for the first time take place on US soil!!! Gary sounds like you don’t like Bix? 🙂

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