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A Citizenry of Morons

It is what it is. For all but a tiny percentage this is what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

With the about-face of President Trump’s foreign policies is there anyone other than a complete moron still on board with the west’s policies? Just a few months prior I remember several folks rejoicing over Trumps victory carrying on about how things are going to change. I sat back and muffled brain dead morons more times than I can remember. After repeated attempts of explaining if Trump were to win it’s because they wanted him to win, I soon realized my endeavors were equal to trying to teach a card trick to a dog. The western nation amounts to little more than a citizenry of morons. Misguided morons.

These kinds of people shove that patriotism flagpole up most peoples asses.

Long ago the west’s four year polling system has been converted into an illusion. It exists solely to provide the closed minded fools, in other words the voters with the illusion of choice that their vote matters. Honestly you just can’t fix stupid. The west has become a demoralized nation no longer capable of grasping any form of reality. Nothing but a nation consisting of a dumbed down citizenry led by what amounts to little more than war criminals leading these fools down a path of total destruction. The fools like to term this act patriotism.

Ask yourself. If they’re the patriotic ones then why is it always your children returning under those brightly colored shards of cloth. Why is it NEVER THEIR CHILDREN?

In almost every other country it’s an embarrassment to be an American. The above holds true except of course for the brain dead, flag pole shoved up their ass, closed minded fool called a Patriotic American. Its these patriots who search for war where ever they can find it and if they can’t find it they will artificially create it. Because they are fools they still cannot grasp that their leaders scream patriotism, but it’s always their own children who returns under those multi colored shards of cloth that the so called leaders wave. Still these ignorant patriots largely make up the populace that wrestles with understanding when you win a war you celebrate by morning.

Understand your military industrial complex is nothing more than a glorified jobs program. I still get an internal chuckle of all the ex-military who think they’re escaping while solely dependent on their military pensions for their financial survival. I so often hear these same people mention how false their service was. Countless times I keep hearing statements like “these people are no threat and their country is no threat to the west” or the classic “when I was stationed over in Afghanistan all I did was walk up and down rows guarding poppy fields”. The west is unquestionably guilty of killing millions of innocent people overthrowing their Governments only to install some puppet replacement to rally towards the next new conflict. But what would you expect from a nation who’s GDP depends on endless conflict.

These people are actually trying to explain how they seemed to have suddenly found the light. They continue chanting about how the west’s involvement is wrong, the west’s actions are deplorable, the killing of millions is an act against God on and on they continue until the part about their pension is raised. That’s when their new found understandings turn on a dime. That’s the point when they seem to revert back to their prior understandings. Its at that point that I begin to hear “but I was serving my country” and so the vicious circle continues. Post that point it’s futile to continue.

These fools actually think they’re setting themselves free but forgot that the lines are still attached to the dock. Their pension still leaves them totally under the same control that they think they’re breaking free of. Repeating the above once again. It’s at that point when you see these twisted minds revert back to “I’ served my country” which is total crap. Their pension seems to somehow make it all OK. To others like myself, they still remain clueless and therefore are incapable of understanding what an order taker is and by being one the danger to the world it creates. When it comes to the almighty pension all of their new found understanding goes right out the window and reverts back to I was only doing my job. What’s really insulting is how many of these misguided order takers walk around saying “God Bless You” to almost everyone they meet. It’s so sick the thought makes one want to puke!

I’m not going to bother revisiting the multitude of points covered in past posts. Rather I’ll let Dr. Paul Craig Roberts repeat them for me in his excellent post “A Government of Morons”I’m tired of explaining the same old card trick to the same old dogs. They’re just too stupid to understand it. The west knows nothing but violence. War is its heartbeat. Until Next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Apr 20, 2017, 1:26 pm

    I think I have Trump figured out now. I think his whole reason for running for president was to shake down the powers that be (probably including Lyn Rothchild) for many billions of dollars. He negotiated with the deep state the same way he deals with his building contractors. He drives a very hard bargain and screams and shouts at them until he gets his way. At every step of the way he drove the price higher until he got the creme de la creme, the presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final payout was $20 billion or more. That’s enough to gift each of his children a couple of billion dollars. He never had any intention of Making America Great Again. He’s a nihilistic and egotistic fool who only cares for himself and his family and damn the people of the US and the world. Game over, business as usual. That sure didn’t take long. The dangerous thing with Trump is that in his very simple and ignorant mindedness he thinks that he can use the same bargaining tricks with Russia and China. He’s got another thing coming.

    • Barry May 22, 2017, 9:53 pm

      I’ve been saying since the beginning. If he won it was only because he was supposed to. I know in the past we disagreed on this subject. Glad you’re seeing it differently now. You can only wash a dish rag so many times before the stains are no longer removable. Hillary is that dish rag. Don’t loose the fact of what you’re currently witnessing. A collapse in the confidence in Government and eventually of Government Pull your chin strap tight things now have to get rough. What’s left one or two years before the carnage begins to take place. It’s now down to a crap shoot.

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