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A Changing Nation In Fact a Changing World

Being is born because of non-being.

As Trump’s first hundred days comes to an end one might ask so what’s changed? It’s a fair question and similar to many is a dichotomy. Depending on how you view it one answer would be nothing’s changed and from another viewpoint everything’s changed. If you’re still stuck in a linear thought pattern you’ll be taking this question and applying the same black or white paint brush to compose your picture. If you’re coming from a cyclical thought pattern perhaps you’ll be better positioned to paint a more accurate portrait of what lies ahead. Fascism is what lies ahead. Yes fascism is coming to the western nation. In fact it’s already arrived some time ago and is now merely piercing the surface for the few open minded to witness.

For the majority look what’s become of us. A world of faceless half blind conformists.

From the linear view on one hand nothing changed. The same old Goldman Sachs untouchables are holding positions of power that will insure their stronghold remains intact. The equivalent corporate cronies are still pulling the strings and in fact are running the nations. All nations! We’ve covered this in a prior post, in fact well before they were appointed. And so for the linear using the white brush if asked, you’ll likely be receiving the answer nothing changed.

For the others suffering from the same condition of linear thought only painting with the black brush everything’s changed. Every pre-election promise has vanished. For those using this brush Russia is back as public enemy number one followed closely by China. An up and coming new member might be North Korea. All of which are totally fabricated enemies but if these linear mindsets had the capabilities, would be asking the question how can a tiny country that can’t even feed its military propose a serious threat to arguably what is the most powerful nation on the planet. We have subscribers from South Korea and that question has come up more than once. The question is a very valid question to say the least but remains well beyond the comprehension of the linear mindset.

The opposite holds true when approaching folks painting with the opposite brush, the black brush.  To them everything’s changed. Ask them and you be receiving at least a twenty minute speech on how Trump’s flipped flopped landing on opposite sides more than a fresh caught small fish on the deck of a boat. Actually I tend to agree with both sides but either side represents only part of the whole picture. Linear thinking does tend to do this perhaps that’s why so many crippled with this mindset regularly miss the big picture. They’re behind the curve. Once again the end game I’m referring to is fascism.

To one degree or another we all suffer the perils of linear thought. In other words we are open minded in some areas while remain closed in others. Remember nothing operates on a linear basis. Everything is composed of energy and of consciousness. These emanations function in the form of frequencies waves or hertz. As hard as it may be to accept an atom is 99.99999% space and .00001% mass. Perhaps we should be paying more attention to the 99.99999% and less to the .000001%. Conceivably that’s what’s meant in all of the great scriptures when mentioned for answers one must “look from within”.

So you’ll have a clearer understanding of what’s meant when I say the one thing that connects everything in the cosmos is space I present the following example. Ask people the following question. What is the densest material on the planet? Chances are a good percentage will say diamond. Many view diamond as the hardest therefore the densest matter on the planet. Now let’s say we took one molecule and enlarged it to the size of a quarter. Did you realize that the next molecule would be over two and a half football fields away! That’s how much space is contained within what arguably is the densest material on the planet!

On a future post I’ll go into this on a much deeper level but for now just accept that it’s the space between all matter that connects it and is why space connects everything. Without further study this may seem a bit confusing because to most space appears empty but actually the opposite holds true. On the contrary space by a wide margin the densest creation in all of creation itself.

A short list of comparable sayings containing the same meaning would be: we are all connected, we’re all from the same source, as above so below, circles within circles, look within yourself, sacred knowledge even the flower of life. As mentioned the above represents only a fraction. The same is consistently mentioned in all of the great scriptures. Those who are interested I suggest you might want to begin your exploration around the time of the Phoenicians (1550BC to 300BC).

For those brave enough to face such challange many of your previous beliefs will be rectified yielding a clear understanding of where these current leaders originally hailed from and why this is much deeper than many previously thought. The above challenge is only for the few. Many remain content simply living in a guided cage in the condominium rightly named “Divide and Conquer”. Thus so many simply rely on what the generation before them could pass on. The  significance of any truth behind it remains simmering somewhere on the back burner.

The few bold enough to take on this path of discovery, for those brave enough to venture outside their comfort zone, a world of understanding waits to be exposed, but there’s a catch. You’ll never find the gold at the surface. You’ll have to dig and quite often dig deep. Again think of the Phoenicians! There’s an awful lot of answers waiting to be revealed beginning at that time period. You cannot understand the plan for the future without understanding where a large part of it originated from.

Once there you’ll begin to see why the controllers don’t care which of their distractions captures your mind. No longer will you remain a victim of their trappings, subconsciously the mind begins to open. Politics, organized religion, wealth status, sexual preferences or the color of a persons covering all start to take on the shape of a distraction, an illusion if you will. No longer will you remain addicted to any of them. You finally begin to realize that it’s these people, the Phoenicians who maintained the very same blood lines as many of today’s so called elite. The reward at the end of the dfficult path is for the first time you’ll understand that the light was always present it was the tunnel that had been the illusion.

People often ask me but what about free will? Your free will allows you to choose your own poison. Select politics, science, organized religion, sexual preference, fear, war, color, wealth status pick one, pick a few hell pick em all. THEY DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEY’VE CREATED EVERY ONE OF THEM! Whatever it takes to keep you focused away from the truth is fine with them. But ask yourself is that freedom or is that the illusion of freedom and so we find ourselves where we currently are. In reality the limit of one’s free will boils down to, you have the freewill to believe or not believe these truths! I did mention we’re heading down the path to fascism didn’t I? Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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