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Truth is Not Relative To One’s Belief

We learn by first unlearning. Be careful what you believe is true. No one can teach you what they do not know themselves.

The vast majority of us gathered a large portion of our understanding from the previous generation. To dovetail a bit further let’s just say that a large portion of what we know originated from our parents and grandparents, from our family. Arguably for the vast majority this serves as the template for what now makes up our comfort zone. Did you know most of our beliefs are formed within the first six years of our existence and since mom and dad would never tell us something that wasn’t in our best interest… and you know how the rest of the story goes never the less for the greater part is true. Parents rarely want anything other than what’s best for their children but ask yourself the following question. How is it possible to teach something that you don’t know yourself? The obvious answer is you can’t. All you can do is pass on your belief. Truth is not determined by popularity nor is truth relative to one’s belief.

They have the legal right to conduct Banking Business. What does this actually mean?

Subsequently a large portion of our present understanding of how things function originated in this fashion. So is it any wonder why almost nobody’s aware of the fact that the confiscation of a person’s bank account is perfectly legal. Figuratively its legal theft, it occurs on a regular basis and if it happens to you there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

To endorse what’s just been mentioned use the following as an example. Ask your family mentors the following question. Would I be considered a customer at the bank that I’m currently using? It’s a simple straight forward question, right? Then step back and wait for a few seconds. Pause until you begin to see that deranged look subside and their face returns to normal. At that point you’re liable to get an answer similar to; what the hell kind of question is that? Of course you are! If that’s where your understanding of the subject originated from which eventually became your current belief then I’m afraid you’ve based your belief on bad information.

An open challenge goes out to all who read this post. Prove me wrong. Show me where it mentions that confiscation of a bank account is illegal? Since your trusting these institutions with your funds wouldn’t you think something should be mentioned in the pages of that account form you filled out? After all it’s for your own protection. Perhaps even a worse scenario. Show me where it mentions any responsibility what so ever is owing to the account holder (the creditor) of their funds? It doesn’t it’s nowhere to be found and do you know why? Because you’re not a customer you’re a creditor. An unsecured creditor!

All you have is a demand claim for the funds but here’s the catch. All you have is their word for security little else. Before doing any in-depth research please don’t mention insurance agencies like the FDIC or once again you’ve based your belief on bad information. What it boils down to is this. As an account holder you are an unsecured creditor and most of you know what that means. You’re standing at the back of the line and once settled little if anything will be left for the taking.

Did you know that when you deposit funds into your account they transfer from being your funds and have now become your banker’s funds? The instant you deposit funds into a bank the ownership transfers simultaneously. You have now become a creditor to the bank you just deposited your funds into. The bank has now become the debtor, the debtor to you. So in essence here’s what’s occurred. You have just lent your funds to the bank and by doing so willingly (or not) gave them permission to conduct what’s termed in the agreement “banking business”.

I like to limit my posts to a reasonable length. I briefly touch on the important areas trusting that if interested you the reader will pursue further on your own. So keeping that in mind and to save a post of its own let me just say that “banking business” and “monkey business” are pretty close cousins. Bearing the above in mind let’s proceed further. When you walk into a bank or electronically deposit funds once the transaction is executed they now have your total consent to use it for “banking business”.

There’s that phrase again “banking business”. So what exactly is banking business anyway? NOBODY KNOWS because it doesn’t specify anything about it on your account application form. You know the application form most of us filled out such a long time ago. Banking business could mean just about anything. It could mean loaning money at interest or it could mean caviar and hookers. They could blow it on high risk investments or right up their noses who’s to say? But here’s something worth considering.

Ask yourself, as the creditor what rights would you have if they went to a Vegas casino and on a crazy gambling spree lost most of it, all of it! For those who cannot get their head around what’s being said let me simplify it. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing! If you think for a moment that today’s global derivatives markets aren’t the highest risk casinos out there you’ve based your belief on bad information. Every bank is way over leveraged in these high risk casinos and if you’re not on the same page in understanding  how vulnerable that makes you again you’ve based your belief on bad information.

It’s imperative that you know NONE of this is new! What you’re witnessing is nothing more than corruption, corruption that can no longer sustain itself. It’s always been this way only now because of this sustainability issue you’d better be concerned about it. It’s today’s economy that’s helped convert what’s always been into a serious concern. Or at least what should be. Those who choose to delve in a bit deeper and start gathering the information upon returning to the surface I KNOW WILL begin taking action to better protect themselves.

Is it any wonder why I field so many questions, examples that mention receiving the 3rd degree when wanting to withdrawal large sums of cash from their account? Is it happening to everyone that I don’t know but here’s what I do know. All of these inquiries are various angles describing how people are having problems retrieving cash money out of their own account. All similar scenarios of how they’re being transferred from the teller to the assistant manager and after displaying a bit of rage only to be rewarded by having to go through it all over again but this time with the manager? They almost always follow up with something similar to “it’s my money” I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s my money!

I just finished explaining what’s going on. It’s because it’s NOT YOUR MONEY, IT’S THEIRS! This is a striking example of the perils you can face when basing your beliefs on bad information. It doesn’t matter what the subject is bad information also yields beliefs, only they’re misbeliefs. So ask yourself who’s really at fault? I’ll leave that one up to you. Until next time this is Barry in DR.    

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