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Vaccines Viruses and Opioids

What your modern dealer looks like.

For quite some time now I’ve been mentioning there’s a series of problems growing in the shadows and their purpose mirrors that of a virus. Did you know regardless if it’s a virus of the body or a virus in your computer all viruses share three commonalities?  Quoting the late Wayne Dyer “A virus has three purposes: to duplicate, to infiltrate and to spread from one host to the next. Ultimately, even a single virus can shut down an entire system”. All viruses need to duplicate then infiltrate before they can spread.  Their survival depends on this equation. Again it makes no difference whether in a body or in a computer the equation remains the same. Scary thought when you come to think about it, the same formula mirrors humanity. Maybe the movie Matrix has more hidden meanings that I first thought anyway back to the topic.

Sure looks like they have you best interests in mind. Ever wonder why its called a medical practice?

For decades similar to an internal cancer these problems have metastasized in the shadows.  Until recently these well-developed deep rooted problems remained for the most part hidden because people are uncomfortable talking about them especially if they’re already infected. The problems I’m referring to are Vaccines, Viruses and Opioids. For decades all three had their popularity grow on a steady uphill climb and are now reaching epidemic proportions.  Those who believe just because they’re not indulging they won’t be affected are sadly misinformed. The problems just mentioned have a way of affecting us all. If any doubt persists I encourage you to reread Dyer’s quote. To one extent or another we’ve already all been affected.

The reason I chose the word opioid instead of opiate follows. The term opioid is used for the entire family of opiates including natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Medical professionals use the word opioid to refer to most opioids, and opiate for a specific non-synthetic opioid.  In other words opioid covers the entire spectrum of all drugs emanating from the opium poppy. There’s no distinction on it being legal or illegal purchased on the street or by prescription.

In fact those little white slips of paper physicians handout like a bag of Smarties are rapidly catching up to the street vender’s version. For whatever reason some folks just seem to feel better if their particular choice of poison was personally prescribed by someone wearing a lab coat. Either way it’s the same poison that’s being dispensed. An addict is an addict and a junkie is a junkie there’s no half way point. The white slip of paper only serves to justify correctness to the recipient… the one whose name is on the paper.

I can tell you since our discovery tour began over the past six years we’ve met enough people to have gathered the experience to form what these days is a rare attribute, wisdom. True wisdom can only come from experience. There is no other way. There’s a world of difference between knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. In the following couple of paragraphs I attempt to explain.

Knowledge is nothing more than an amassed familiarity with facts. These facts can derive from any subject: mathematics, science, biology, history, politics, religion ECT. All it tells us is that a person has the ability to remember a great deal of material.

The next aspect of this equation would be intelligence. Just memorizing facts doesn’t permit someone to connect them. Intelligence is the ability not only to remember facts but also to understand how they are connected to each other. To comprehend how they interconnect to form a co-dependency. To understand the connection between things takes intelligence. The majority of people stop there. The largest percentage stops at intelligence. They believe intelligence means wisdom, but it doesn’t.

For it to be beneficial knowledge necessitates wisdom but here’s the funny thing about wisdom. It can’t be learned through books and computers. True wisdom is something that only comes from personal experience.  In today’s high tech meal in a bag world it’s a sad fact that true wisdom is all but lost. Humanity has gained in knowledge, that’s for sure. Has humanity gained in intelligence that’s very questionable? However there’s little doubt humanity has paid a heavy price in the loss of wisdom.

From online dating to traveling via ones laptop as a species there’s no question personal experience has suffered greatly.  Perhaps that’s why so many have become couch quarterbacks. We know the rules so we have knowledge. We recognize the strategy, we formulate plays we’re fitting the pieces together so we possess at least some intelligence. Only thing is we’ve never been on a football field our entire lives. We have no personal experience thus we cannot have any wisdom.

I’m linking three excellent reads. The first was written by Mark Blaxill. Titled First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism. Blaxill provides the reader with a well-researched piece of journalism. A must read for those with children.

The second and just as informative is a piece titled Emerging Infectious Diseases.  Originating from a study performed at the Baylor College of Medicine this article provides a decent look into the increase of Infectious disease. Were you aware of the fact that there are over 40 new infectious diseases since 1970?

To round out the trio The Guardian released Rapid rise of heroin use in US tied to prescription opioid abuse. The Guardian reports “Overdose deaths quadruple in the period from 2002 to 2013. The biggest increase in use is seen among users of pain relievers: ‘It’s a poly-substance abuse issue”.  All three represent what for some might be difficult to digest information but truth has a funny way of doing that.

It’s imperative you know in order for a person to learn they must first unlearn. Carl Jung once said “Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens”. Until a person of their own free will decides to open previously closed doors save your time nothing’s going to change. You have to first accept that challenging concept to remain unbiased. Simply gather the information where ever the paths lead. Just begin to build the knowledge. Only then will you have the basic tools to put the pieces together and gain some intelligence.  Only by having your mind “open to everything yet attached to nothing (Dyer)” will you ever gain wisdom.

Only a fool accepts or rejects anything that they know nothing about. I can assure you from personal experience it’s one of the most challenging endeavors you’ll ever attempt. My personal journey began by researching the time period surrounding the Phoenicians and over decades of study has progressed forward.

If you’re brave enough to take this journey you’ll never be the same. The rewards are unmeasurable! Sure the naysayers are there but no matter the subject they always will be. The person who wants to lead an orchestra must first turn his back on the crowd, right? Sadly most rather remain in a gilded cage prison bound in velvet handcuffs but closemindedness has a tendency of doing just that. For the rest who choose to remain ignorant that’s fine and probably will continue being the norm but there’s always a silver lining. The opioids are easy to find. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary May 25, 2017, 3:32 pm

    Barry I could probably write a whole book on duality. A knife could be used for killing or used to surgically heal a patient. How about this for duality, do we listen to our elders to get wisdom and experience in life or do we not because they are holding onto obsolete ideas. Or do we just do both. Just as we complain about people spending too much time on Youtube and facebook I’m sure there were elderly people in the 1910’s complaining about too many young people using this device called a telephone or elderly people in the 1930’s-40’s up in arms over this evil box, that plays loud swing music or jitterbug, called the radio. Another duality is that each generation gains something but also loses something. We lost the technique of using the buggy whip but shortly thereafter gained the knowledge of driving a Ford Model T. We lost the knowledge of tending horses but gained the knowledge of maintaining your car. I don’t think we are really any more or less wise than our ancestors in total. Biologically we are the same. Adopt an infant Roman Empire child into a typical American family and the boy will grow up to be some kind of American adult. We are still, as a civilization, the same people as eons ago with goodness and evil as a duality. What Genghis Khan did to conquered peoples would make Hitler look like a boy scout. With only swords and knives you could still kill millions. Another duality is the very advanced for its time the Roman roads. They tremendously increased commerce but they also facilitated the movement of Roman troops to enslave other lands. I wonder if very advanced civilizations in the universe, millions of years more developed than ours, still have to grapple with duality. Maybe it’s triplality or quadrality (if there are such words). I also wonder if, in order to be able to become a planetless civilization, all very advanced societies in the universe had to go through these agonizing growing pains that we have gone through or are there other more wiser stages that they went through. In other words are wars, exploitation and raping of the planet a necessary and typical development model in the universe to get to a higher level or is this specific to our species based on apes.

    Regarding planned obsolescence I knew about this concept back in the 1970’s. But I never knew, with digital technology, that this concept would go on steroids. I don’t think it’s planned but instead as a product of the profit motive to keep on creating new and improved devices. There we go again; another duality, the profit motive: a great engine for development and advancement but also a great engine for rape, pillaging and war. And Barry, to be honest, if it wasn’t for this accelerating introduction of new devices you wouldn’t be able to post youtube videos and I would have never met you let alone even knew who you were. So again this so-called planned obsolescence is another duality.

    I don’t think that any dark forces are taking wisdom away from us and if there is the people in general will or large segments will gain wisdom because of the negative experiences they are having at the present time. For example many young people in Japan are rejecting the modern techno and expensive life in Tokyo and moving to rent large farmhouses in the country for $200/month. These young people, having gained wisdom from their experiences in the modern world, are wisely getting out of the system earning less money but also spending less. This will happen more and more as “progress” buts up against the limits of nature.

    So in conclusion I think we will be no more and no less wise than previous generations. Since, as I stated before, we gain knowledge and lose knowledge in each generation, our wisdom based on the gain or loss of knowledge, will not be more nor less but just different. Just like knowledge each generation will add new wisdom to our history and will lose previous wisdom. DUALITY!

  • Gary May 23, 2017, 4:34 pm

    On the one hand the information available at our fingertips is incredibly vast because of the internet and youtube. There are times where I sit back in amazement at the amount of information out there for anyone with an internet connection and all of it for free. Just the library of documentaries and lectures on youtube is absolutely staggering. I can spend 10 hours a day just watching youtube videos for a year and I still would just scratch the surface of information out there. And because of very smart and brilliant people that connect the dots of all this information, you can also gain vast knowledge on most any topic. If you take the correct lessons from the right people you gain knowledge from and if you yourself are of the right mind you can also attain wisdom from what you think of this knowledge.

    On the other hand because of machines, industrialization/automation and exponential specialization of tasks, we no longer have knowledge on just about how to do anything. Because of the proliferation of fast food and restaurants we don’t know how to cook. Because of the sophistication and miniaturization of electronics we no longer are able to repair a television, radio, nor a toaster. Just two generations ago all you had to do to fix a TV was to replace the little vacuum tubes that you got from your local drug store and pop it in the TV. Hell even washing machines are getting tough to fix. Much of an automobile can’t be fixed by a do-it-yourself-mechanic. We lost the skill of farming long ago along with hunting and fishing. How many young adults even know how to do basic arithmetic because of calculators everywhere. Do you know anyone who can tie several types of knots in rope. Do you know anyone who knows how to apply a plow onto a horse. So basically the typical person in an advanced western society can’t do jack shit. Compared to our ancestors you put a typical westerner in an area with nothing but his bare hands and very far from civilization, he would not survive very long.

    So even though we have vast intellectual knowledge presently and possibly some wisdom to gain from that knowledge, we have lost practical knowledge, wisdom and just plain common sense that just a generation or two in the past took for granted. God help the advanced western societies if there ever is a situation like a shutdown of our electrical grid for many months where we as individuals have to survive counting on skills that we have lost.

    Just some thoughts that you stimulated in me, Barry.

    • Barry May 23, 2017, 5:23 pm

      Gary I’ve always mentioned everything is a duality. Internet is great for knowledge disastrous for wisdom since wisdom only comes from personal experience. Sit back and think don’t you think the darker side already knew this and right from the start (before releasing the www). Gary most of what our SO CALLED experts can’t even see in themselves is that they’ve been duped into trading wisdom for knowledge just like the rest of us (or most of us). People snicker when I fix my own truck or have chickens and grow a few things most are still no closer to understanding truth, the truth of what we’re all facing. I hope they favor well but have my doubts.

      Much of the balance of what you’re saying can be summed up by just two words Planned Obsolescence. The worlds economies are based upon the most savage raping of our planet’s natural resources, it can’t and won’t continue. Like you say throw it away, 2 for 1 sales buy more pay less bulk shop its nothing more than raping the planet.

      If we as a people don’t figure out a way to survive without the need to be based on planets we’re dust. We will be replaced and humanity (if it survives) will take on a completely different appearance. This could be good and it could be bad because once again everything is a duality. The wielder determines the good or bad part NOT The technology science or tool! This is nothing short of what they wanted to do and it’s working perfectly. They’ve stolen our wisdom and replaced it with knowledge. So here’s another duality to ponder. Are they the smart one’s or are we the dumb ones? Perhaps its a little of both or none of either. It’s simple yet confusing.See what I mean?


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