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For decades I’ve understood the fact that we’ve all been manipulated. One aspect of manipulation involves making something look good when it really isn’t. A time bomb wrapped up in a pretty package. Mark Passio uses the term obfuscation.  Taking the simple and making it sound complicated. The occult’s been using it for several millennia and it’s only one example of how we’re being manipulated. Actually according to Passio there are at least thirteen others and the controllers don’t care which one or ones we choose.

What ever it takes to keep your mind occupied and away from seeking the truth.

Depending on which method of manipulation has already influenced your mind some of this material initially will not make sense.  However if you persist at some point in time you will undoubtedly begin to vision its truth. It’s just plain truth nothing more. Only then will you begin to realize they’ve had you all along. You’ve been deceived by one of more of their methods for most if not all of your life. I was! They’re really good at deception, providing an illusion yet making it seem a reality.

14 Methods of Manipulation

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For those brave enough to take the journey, around that time you’re beginning to put the pieces together, understanding that everything is connected.  You’re going to be receiving from the infected masses all kinds of arguments and opinions. At first you’ll feel the urge to lash out right back at them. In the beginning you’ll feel obliged to defend your new-found intelligence. Its normal but it will fade. Over time you won’t care much because you’ve replaced belief with knowing. You don’t have to believe when you know. You’re on the right path when you remember that in the past you were exactly the same way. You were just like most close minded and opinionated, but without doing the least bit of research.

That’s how I was before parking the ego and doing mountains of research, MOUNTAINS OF IT! Only then will you be at a total inner peace without having to say a word. At this stage you’ve realized it’s up to the individual if there’s a need to really understand how things work and how everything’s connected. Just as important you’ll understand how we’ve been broken apart. It’s imperative for the few. The masses far prefer to remain in their gilded cages. Most don’t care.

In prior posts I mentioned it was going to be tough. It’s a wild ride but if you’re brave enough to take it the rewards are limitless. So are you brave enough? There are only two emotions love and fear, are you afraid? Are you so hell-bent all-knowing without doing any research? That’s kind of arrogant but then again so was I and I still am only coming from another direction that I’ve invested years of research in. I’ve sold some knowledge and purchased intelligence. Remember knowledge means little more than the ability to remember large amounts of facts and figures. Knowledge also provides the ability to remember and at a later date repeat.  Intelligence grants you the ability to understand facts but how they are interconnected with each other. Just knowing a fact does not allow a person the ability to be able to fit them all together. That takes intelligence!  I’ll leave the toughest one of all “wisdom” for another post. Wisdom only comes from experience. You can’t learn it. As a people we’ve gained knowledge but paid dearly with our wisdom. Until next time this is Barry in DR.



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