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We’ve Been Played As Fools

The greater majority of pawns are eliminated during the game. Are you part of the greater majority or are you capable of something far exceeding?Are you capable of elevation?

How many more nominated assassins will it take before we as a people begin to understand we’ve been played as fools? How long before we recognize the need to stand together? Are we ever going to be able to park our ego put all of our petty differences aside and perhaps for the first time realize we’ve been the pawns on the chessboard. Can humanity grasp the fact that there is no game of chess if the pawns refuse to play? I’m beginning to wonder.

Each one of us has the key to unlock the mystery. Will you be brave enough to use it? Most won’t and rather remain an ignorant obedient slave in a gilded cage.

Every one of our pathetic excuses preventing us from coming together as a common people serves as a fuel furthering the occult’s mission which is to divide and ultimately to conquer. Their plan has remained consistent for millennia and if we cannot grasp that this is a trap that we’re currently in, it will continue to persist for several more. Simply put their plan is to continue the divide and conquer and it’s working primarily because of two reasons. First reason is most of us are closed-minded. Most will refuse to entertain any new  idea once the mind has been swayed into a particular belief and second our ignorance.

There are two concepts in not knowing. The first is nescience and the second is ignorance. Ignorance is not an insulting term. The word ignorance stems from the Latin verb Ignorare: to not know even though necessary information is present, because that information has been willfully refused or disregarded. When you willfully choose to ignore you become “ignor-rant” to what information is available to better understand. You therefore become ignorant. There’s another word not often used which describes not knowing but carries no blame. That word  is nescience. It derives from the latin verb Nesciere: to not know because knowledge was absent or unattainable. The information you’re seeking is nowhere to be found. Ignorance carries blame but nescience doesn’t. It is my personal opinion that nobody has the right  to remain ignorant when it affects the freedoms of others. If you’ve invested the time watching Passio’s YouTube in my prior post, you’ll have gained some intelligence. Intelligence always trumps knowledge.

Nescience vs. Ignorance:


To further my point on how well this plan is working, recognize the fact that your children and grandchildren in the coming generation will no longer understand what privacy means. To them it will seem perfectly normal that all personal information is available to the authoritarian figures. The same people we “the fools” keep on nominating into power. I selected the word nominating instead of electing as currently nothing remains intact other than the illusion that voting still matters. Nothing changes in their plan of control. The old generation simply dies off and the new generation born into what already is doesn’t know any better. You can’t miss what you never had.

What further adds credibility to the above is the majority of you reading this post will be thinking “I have nothing to hide” why should I be concerned? You should be concerned because it has nothing to do with hiding yet everything to do with your right to privacy. As a human being one of your inherent birth rights is the right to privacy. Most can’t even remember that! which confirms how well the plan is working. We “the fools” can no longer even think correctly. They have most believing we’re guilty and need to prove our innocence yet just a few short decades ago the opposite held true even so most will regard these hard facts as being false. Heck they’re using this plan to the nines when referring to Trump and how every step of the way the opposition has clouded any form of his credibility. The ignorant masses are unaware of what they’re even witnessing.

Quoting William Casey CIA director from his first staff meeting back in 1981 We know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”. We are witnessing the dangers of what divide and conquer is capable of. What we’re currently witnessing is the introduction of fascism to the western nations and what are the fools doing? They’re distracted by arguing over transgender bathrooms, the color of a person’s covering or who is worshipping the correct savior. These along with all other differences have one common element, actually two. First they were all created by the same ominous group that want the masses kept in the dark and second they only matter if you’re alive, a corpse doesn’t care!

Go as far back as the Pharaohs of Egypt or choose one more recent like Kim Jong-un. It doesn’t matter… even selecting the most recent bad boy Venezuela’s Jose Rafael Torrealba. It makes no difference because underlying them all remains the same dark occult forces. The one’s who’ve somehow figured out how to keep the pawns happy while moving them around as they please.  Does it matter if you’re a white pawn or a black pawn, you’re still only allowed to move in one direction.

In effort of closing this post on a positive note. An open-minded way of viewing the pawn makes it the MOST POWERFUL piece on the board. It’s the only piece that has the ability to elevate itself. Crossing the board it becomes a queen. A bishop is a bishop and a knight will always be a knight it’s only the pawn that’s capable of change. Will you change?  As a people all our futures well depend on it. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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