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The Deception Behind the Great Divide

I know somewhere within all this chaos there does exist truth. The better question to be asking is as a people are we ready for it? I think the answer is rather obvious.

Take a step back and pause for a moment to reflect on the following. It’s hard to deny humanity is currently facing one of its most challenging positions. If you’re being unbiased, being totally honest with yourself we’re muddled like never before. The great divide is running at such a rapid pace its coming at us from all angles. You choose your own poison. Whether it’s warring between the nations or the disharmony amongst the citizens, your free will has been reduced to slightly more than selecting which divide best captures your interest. Once again humanity has been lowered to an us against them mentality. The human race currently operates on little more than are you with me or against me temperament. A difference of opinion even neutrality no longer exist in today’s world.

It’s hidden in plain sight. Occult

Because of this reduced mindset is it any wonder why we find ourselves tangled in such confusion and chaos? So take a step back, pause to reflect and at the same time hopefully it will create a bit of separation from all the confusion. If you really want to see the grander picture in anything the first thing you must do is step back. By the time we’re six years of age almost all of our beliefs have been formed. To gain a larger perspective you must first take a step back. The first phase of learning is unlearning.

If you’re capable of completing this extraordinary tough challenge, often you’ll find what’s uncovered is a completely different perspective than first believed. But there’s a kind of catch to it. You first have to agree to let the information dictate the path. No preconceived outcomes. You must turn your back on the masses before you can lead the ensemble. Those who place a high value on truth will take the journey however those whose values are simply based on knowledge will not. I assure you the majority will settle for the knowledge along with its perpetual slavery.

For several millennia occult forces have effectively been using the divide and conquer technique. Presently there is so much emotional butchery, so much disharmony that most of us in one way or another find ourselves lost, so we just tune out and resort back into a fear based slavery mentality. As long as we’re getting by, the greater majority just tend to ignore and simply look the other way. That is until a point in time when its effects can no longer be swept under the carpet. That’s when it hits them like a ton of bricks. The highest percentage of us have sold our intelligence and purchased knowledge. For those who understand the differences already know it was a poor trade and has been throughout our existence. As a result of accepting this bought into occult hoax all over the planet, people are suffering from an elevated level of internal strife. Most live in fear!

As an example take a look at the current political scene in America. The left is the enemy of the right. No longer are they opposing viewpoints. Now there are only enemies. For him or against him, even if you fail to fall into either category and are neutral, look at what’s going on with the recently elected President. Does this have the slightest resemblance of a democracy and Europe is favoring no better. The refugees are taking over the nation. All you see and hear about are killings, bombings and raping’s. Vehicles are now being used as battering rams against innocent people strolling along on the sidewalks. Take that all important step back. Follow the money and you’ll see it’s the puppets occupying the midlevel ranges of these occult organizations behind it all.

As a collective we’ve sunk so low as to be calling each other names like racists and snowflakes. The loudest laugh of all falls on those still gullible enough to believe voting matters. If you do, it serves as a prime example of how good these people are at practicing occult rituals. Remember occult only means hidden it does not necessarily mean bad. Occult is a tool and holds the same standards as any tool. Its use is determined by the wielder. Just so I’m coming through crystal clear lets use a hammer as an example. A hammer is simply a tool. It can be used to build a home or to bash someone’s brains all over the ground. Either way it’s still just a tool and its use be it good or bad is determined by the wielder, by who’s holding the tool. The same can be said of knowledge. It too can be used for either good or bad. The wielder of that knowledge determines the outcome.

Those few brave enough to take on a truth-seeking challenge will soon uncover most of what they’ve learned is false, merely an illusion and has been for a long time. Still its working perfectly because the occult knows what we believe to a large extent will determine our truths. They simply apply the illusions. That sums it up in a nutshell why it’s up to you to want to learn truth. No one else can push you or do it for you. Truth is never good or bad, ultimately its just truth, but you’d benefit by knowing it’s never been the popular route. Perhaps this is why the masses are always wrong. Remember the tougher the challenge the brighter the light that awaits at the end of the illusionary tunnel. Based on my personal experience I can say this much. The exploration is well worth the effort, however during the beginning stages it will seem questionable.

Having traveled that tough journey (and still am) I can say the light has always been there. I now know all along it was the tunnel that’s been the illusion. Knowing this has allowed me to take the steps to enjoy a simple peaceful life. I am thankful for the great relationships, especially with my wife, my few friends and the 1000’s of acquaintances made in all parts of the world. Of the people I meet so many are stuck in one form of fear or another. Over the years it seems that no matter how many folks I meet, no matter how many I’ve toured with and even most that we’ve relocated all share one similarity. What we believe to a large extent will determine our truths. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is truth. Carl Jung once said The word ‘belief’ is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and then I know it – I don’t need to believe it”. All I can add to that wisdom is “ditto”. Until next time this is Barry in DR.




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