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Folks Are Sensing An Uneasiness Not Seen In Decades

Irreverent if they admit to it or not most now possess a sense of fear not prevalent just a short while ago.

Is it any wonder folks are sensing an uneasiness not seen in decades? Sure most won’t admit to it in company but when alone they know it’s there. If you’re being totally honest with yourself you know it’s there. Of course this is a subjective statement and will vary from person to person. We all operate at different frequencies. Unfortunately there will always remain the masses that choose ignorance and perhaps that’s the strongest weapon the opposing side has. Still for all but the walking dead you have to admit the world is facing some foreboding possibilities.

Symbolism could best be described as a language. A language containing hidden messages. Occult means hidden nothing more.

The ever increasing amount of black swan events lurking around the corner, the fear that stems from terrorism, has now spread to all four corners of our planet, even the possibility of a third world war looming on the more informed minds, it’s no longer even disputable that our nations currently find themselves divided in such a way that the citizens have been fighting themselves from within. For the greater part we’ve become our own worst enemies. Those who serve to create these great divides are just sitting back and enjoying the fruits of understanding things we don’t.

The dividers, the occult forces know as human beings we’re all born into this world with four primordial fears. The vast majority of us don’t. Even worse they don’t want to know.  Personally to me that’s the saddest part of all, because one of the highest forms of ignorance is accepting or rejecting something that you know nothing about.  Still the ego rules and the occult knows this. Most will reject anything that strays from their upbringing belief system before doing the slightest bit of research. Not even being aware of the fact that most of these beliefs were formed prior to the age of six. The subconscious mind controls the conscious mind. The occult groups have known this for millennias and they’ve successfully been using it against us for that long a duration.

These hidden forces have the majority duped into believing I am what I own or I am what I do. Values have been reduced to such a low level that the one and only God we all unanimously believe in is money. Ignoring all that’s transpiring around them, those effected actually believe because they have a couple of bucks that their children and grandchildren will bypass what’s lying ahead. Because of this misguided belief based solely on an individual’s wealth status, somehow the GMO poisons they’re putting into their bodies and the bodies of their children and grandchild won’t affect them.  It’s as if they believe that somehow their tax bracket will protect them.  The same can be said on what follows. Bring up the topic of Chemtrails and either they aren’t aware of them or want to avoid the subject. Point to one and attempt to explain the very basics. You get a look back as if their money will provide them a blanket against their harmful effects, but will it?

We’re shorted our own futures as if it were a stock to be bet against rising to a higher value. What we didn’t understand is right along side of our own futures are the futures of our children and grandchildren. We sold them all into occult mind control bondage in other words slavery! If you feel I’m mistaken then think hard on what follows. The next generation will be born into a world where they won’t know what privacy is. To them it will seem perfectly natural for alphabet agencies and Governments to know everything about them. Your dollars won’t prevent any of this from occurring and if you still cling to the notion that it will it proves two things. First it proves the cleverness of these occult forces and second exposes how ignorant you really are.

I can’t help but laugh (internally) while listening to people who actually believe they’re breaking away from the matrix of occult bondage on account of receiving a Government pension.  Seriously they honestly believe they’re leaving the dock while still tethered to it. It’s not a question of do they deserve it or not. Of course they do, they paid into it for future use so they’ve earned it. Conversely they may have based their decision on bad information, but there’s little dispute that it should be theirs. If you’re of the belief that your pension is what sets you free well… like I just mentioned you’ve based you decision on bad information. The truth is they own you lock stock and barrel. They control the gate in front of the teller and it makes no relevance what you think. They can hang that “gone fishing” sign anytime they want to and what would be your course to challenge it? It’s already been done in several countries and the list will only be expanding.

All the recent hype about the baby boomers robbing the youth’s future wealth is nothing more than one more bogus trick being used to divide the young from the old. This is one of the main reasons why I keep mentioning; keep your eyes on the youth of your nation. History backs me on this one time and time again. Occult groups provide the youth with the illusion that they’ve been the victims of the prior generation. The youth movements then assume the role of being the victims and lash out. This is why the highest percentage of revolutions and civil wars have been initiated by the youths of their respective nations. The occult hoaxes continue to work and we progressively get divided into smaller and smaller groups.

From politics to organized religion the multitude of mis-beliefs put out there by the occult is free for the taking. Your free will has be reduced to little more than selecting which group you fall into. Unknowingly we’ve been led into smaller and smaller groups that share one common trait FEAR! Fear is a common trait regardless of which illusion captured your belief. All these occult illusions were designed to keep us in possession of viewing ourselves as victims. We’ve being kept in fear. The cage of fear is portable, it’s invisible however it does require some maintenance. It needs someone to feed it. That may prove to be your only control over it. You might want to consider the following. Stop feeding your fears and if at the present time you can’t at least find the courage to put them on a diet! Learn to control their intake so you’re better equipped to control their growth.

Many I meet with are looking for a simpler existence and calmer lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why long ago we opted to slow things down. We’ve relocated to a place where we have the opportunity to raise our own chickens and grow several of our own fruits and veggies. Nothing extravagant mind you, but still enough to supplement what we need to purchase from the outside. Instead of living in a world where you’re feeling guilty for taking  the slightest bit of time away from running on the hamster wheel, yet at the same time finding that you’re really going anywhere by shifting towards the center we have the time to spend with each other and our loved ones. Learn to shift your lifestyle towards the center of the wheel. If you do you’ll find is spinning far slower there. Much slower than running on its perimeter. This is a form of balance.

We opted to live in a place where our dollars go a lot further. We stay away from all the fake news that so many are addicted to, which by the way is another divide successfully being deployed on the people. We tune out of the garbage that most tune into. As hard as it might seem to believe we watch no T.V. and have so for over a decade! We research truth and truth in spite of what you’ve been hood winked into believing is not subjective nor is it determined by popularity. Truth is simply truth.

Sadly we’ve been reduced to such a low vibrational frequency, but truth be known it’s by our own doing. Then again the same occult forces that many refuse to believe existence always knew that we would. Occult comes from the Latin word “Occultare” meaning to hide or to conceal. Occult means hidden it does not mean bad or dark forces! Hidden that’s all there is to it but it hides well, very well! Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Bill Jun 13, 2017, 2:00 pm


    People only have to look as far as the novel, ‘1984’ to get a glimpse into the mechanisms of what is going on. It’s a little behind as far as the technology now, but it rings truer than ever because the capabilities to pull it off are widely available now. Very concerning.

    They keep us busy looking the other way as they manipulate things. Choosing not to participate mentally is a difficult decision for many, as freedom was a difficult decision in 1776. Only 20% saw what was happening and wanted to do something about it.

    I’m not speaking of a revolution, but one has to have one in their own mind before they can break free of what they see and feel is going on around them. The first step to be truly free.

    Harry Browne wrote, ‘How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World’. Good read and very appropriate today.

    • Blsoloman Jun 13, 2017, 3:02 pm

      Correct Bill believe what you will just keep looking in the other direction. That divide is working perfectly. Now you’re either with me or against me and so the internal war continues to rage on. Just what they want.

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