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High Anxiety In a Pop Culture

These so called patriots wave them.

Liane and I were enjoying our morning coffee when I came across this short piece found on RT. At first I had a good laugh. When that subsided I mentioned to Liane “hey get a load of this”! I began to read the title out loud. High anxiety: Americans among most tense people in the world, survey finds. She in turn had the same reaction. She busted out laughing. What followed is completely out of character for Liane who’s normally of a conservative nature. Her response was “Sha Ya really think so” At that point we both busted out with a healthy dose of hilarity. You just have to laugh at something so obvious. Ah… the understanding that  separation creates clarity is a wonderful attribute to possess.

But its your Kin Folk who returns beneath them.

Over the past six years we’ve hosted over 600 visitors touring the region. Mirroring the same time span, you could include with that a seven-figure number when combining the emails, YouTube views, subscribers etc. We’ve met a lot of people hailing from all parts of the globe. I can say from personal hands on experience about Americans being tensed and stressed out when I say “Sha Ya really think so!”

As with most matters, results are varying shades of grey, but without a doubt for the most part America has morphed into a pop culture consisting of little more than confused folks running around in circles. Today’s America is a byproduct of corruption, exploitation and mismanagement stemming from every feasible direction imaginable. As a result a sizable percentage of the population has been converted into little more than walking garbage. America is a volatile nation looking for sparks to ignite chaos anywhere it can find them. I ask what source could have changed a nation into such a state of depression and disorder? I suppose deep down inside Liane and I both know what inspired the shift. They did it to themselves! 

What the nation is witnessing is the beginning of the end. This is what happens when ignorant people put their faith in the elected. A few bloodlines that control the deep state operating within the shadows have always known about playing both sides. They do it in war, politics, science, religion, terrorism, food, insurance, medicine, education and the list goes on.

The anxiety America is facing is being caused by the same people who pretend to have your best interests in mind. The same holds true for the rest of the planet all of it stems from corruption. Corruption is at the root of a plant that’s gone rotten. Corruption is the cause all we’re witnessing is its various effects. For those basing their futures on any sort of pension you may want to realize your pension is tethered to the very same corruption. Yet again you’ve placed your belief in the same corrupt sources. Once again you’ve placed your future in someone else’s hands. I hope that lets you sleep well at night? Rest easy the Government has your best interests in mind, RIGHT? … That should be a big question mark.

What ought to be the nine most freighting words in your vocabulary is I’m from the Government and I’m here to help, but they’re not. Keep voting, keep trusting, keep warring and keep dying. That’s what pawns do. We’re all on track for what lies ahead. The all too often end result is civil war and trust me when I say they’ll be playing both sides of that coin as well. They always do. They understand us better than we understand ourselves!

How gullible are the people who actually believe this sort of electoral process will ever have your best interest in mind. It’s downright lethargic, pure laziness expecting others to take care of what needs to be done by you. None of what’s mentioned in this post is anything new. It’s been happening for centuries and if you can’t understand, simply research your country’s war mongering history only not through main stream sources. The alternative medias will provide factual information beyond any doubt, America’s history has been one continuous false flag operation after another.

You the citizens have always been the replaceable pawns. It’s always your loved ones that perish. It’s the elected who self-boasts about being the patriotic. You are merely the backbone to be broken. Ask yourself if they’re the patriots, then why is it always your kin who seems to perish? Why is it your kin folks returning to their home nation in boxes covered by the same colored shards of cloth that the “patriotic” ones continue to wave in front of the bought and paid for cameras and medias.


The nation currently resembles nothing more than a depressed distorted pop culture. Their ignorance will soon lead them into another war. However this time the elected patriots are leading their ignorant citizens into a confrontation with a manufactured enemy, perhaps more powerful than the remnants of a demoralized pop culture broken society. I honestly don’t think they’ll be honoring safe spaces or the political correctness bullshit either. As they say only in America!

The nation of America has consisted of two Governments since its conception. As hard as it is to accept, first do your research then deal with it as a nation… you’d better. You’d better stop manufacturing enemies merely to keep the behind the curtain weapons manufacturers wealthy and in total control. Your current President similar to several in the past is not running your nation. Do the research before it becomes too late. Millions of lives are a stake.

However this time there’s a huge difference. A difference few are talking about because the vast majority are unaware it even exists. Call it a game changer if you will. This time it takes place on you soil! A large percentage of what’s to become will be taking place within the continent of America. Stop creating enemies out of ignorance. No other nation on this planet is jealous of your so called freedom. By your own fault you’ve allowed yourselves to become nothing more than a pop culture of disillusioned idiots. Start recognizing who your real enemy is and for the greater part of your history always has been.

“Two days prior America took another step toward a devastating war. An idiot American pilot shot down a Syrian fighter that was attacking ISIS!” I’ve linked it in the post HERE. Soon enough it will be too late, we’re vast approaching that critical intersection of no return. Once past it there’s no turning back. Until next time this is Barry in DR

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  • Gary Jun 28, 2017, 2:02 am

    Barry I have nothing to add to that great video of Paul Joseph Watson. Everybody should see that video. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures.


    • Barry Jun 28, 2017, 8:57 am

      Perhaps we should make a shit filled pop culture type video ourselves. You’ll crap in one corner and I’ll take a dump in another. We’ll call it twins located in separate corners of the world. What do you think? Seems to draw the numbers. :)It’s a good thing truth is not determined by popularity but thy and tell that to the zealots of the world.

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