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What’s Up With All The Russia Bashing

Until we come together as a people we remain little more than pawns in the shadows game of control. Is you belief no matter what it is worth the price of ignorance. Until humanity can understand this basic fundamental requirement the carnage will continue and the blood continues its seemingly never ending flow. Regardless of who wins a war you still celebrate by mourning.

Reflecting on the shadow’s never ending attempt of parading their citizens into yet another staged war,  it’s time to take a closer look at exactly what’s going on. Ask yourself what’s with all the Russia bashing? Why is the western mass medias hell bent on falsely portraying the Russians as our enemy, the nemesis of the western nation? Do you not know this goes back to the bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Throughout history do you not comprehend the catastrophic amount of damage caused by the misinformed that actually care, that think they’re doing the right thing for their country. Are the vast majority blind as to where this is leading?  Apparently it seems so.

Nobody wins except for the globalists. Wake up to the fact there are two Governments. The one you see and the one actually running the world. The shadows continue their dominance. You continue to hang onto your misguided beliefs. So much for your free will. It’s your free will that allows you to remain ignorant.

Other than being hoodwinked most uninformed are just good patriotic people duped into believing an enemy‘s present when it’s actually not. They want to defend their country and if that were actually the case who could blame them, but can you not see where you’re being led? Since most can’t I’m going to do my best to pigeon hole this confusion into one post and a few YouTube’s. I encourage you to think with an open mind because your children’s futures are a stake, in fact all our futures are at stake. First I’m requesting that you view the following YouTube: The Atomic message 70 years after. I’ll make some follow up comments for your consideration below the link.

Atomic Message: 70 years after Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing


I understand parts of the video were a bit tough to watch. Observing people suffer such hardship is never easy and unless you’ve personally been through something similar you can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like. The same holds true for all sides when it comes to suffering the effects from warring. Remember when you win a war you celebrate by mourning. However as bad as it was and still is, the suffering is only the effect and that’s not the purpose of this post. My purpose is to hopefully introduce you to the cause and to do that I’m drawing your attention to approximately the 19:25 mark of the YouTube. I’m purposely directing your attention towards the USAF Navigator responsible for the Hiroshima bombing Theodore Van Kirk. Pay close attention, listen closely to his words. Repeat it a few times to best receive my following comments.

So I’m asking my readers. Obviously this is a man who loves his country, right?  A patriotic man who believed and still does 70 plus years later he was doing the right thing, right? I assure you this was not an easy task both mentally and physically, but serves as an excellent example of what damage can and still is being caused, when good folks have been duped into believing something false. Secondly it proves how long these planned misconceptions last. Most not only take them to their graves, but pass the lies onto the next generation. They’re actually doing the dirty work for the shadows. Still they can’t fathom they’ve been duped let alone comprehend they’ve been wrong the entire time.

Anybody who’s taken the time to gather information within the alternative medias, knows well ahead of dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that Japan was no longer any threat. In fact Japan already informed the US that they began their formal notice of surrender. Because of the statutes of limitations these documents are no longer classified. It’s no secret Japan had informed the US they would have their declaration of surrender completed well ahead of its deadline. So why then drop the bombs?

When asked “how can so many who have studied the same documents come up with such different conclusions?” Peter Kuznik Director of Nuclear Studies Institute over at American University had this to say. “I don’t understand it either. It’s such a clear cut issue. If you look at what the US Intelligence was saying. If you look at the comments of American leaders at the time six out of seven five-star Admirals and Generals who got their fifth star during the war are on record as saying the bomb was either militarily unnecessary morally reprehensible or both. You can’t come to any other conclusion that the bomb was unnecessary”.

America’s misguided reasoning stems from the fact that the US was trying to send a message to gain power both economically and politically. It had nothing to do with Japan being considered a threat. Both bombs were dropped to intimidate Russia. Russia has always been the manufactured enemy and still is today, which answers my previous question. What’s up with all the Russia bashing? Promptly after this disgrace took place, the Cold War began and so the facade continues. This is what you’re currently witnessing.

I’m requesting you to take a second visit and revisit the 5:15 mark of the YouTube. If you value human life you’ll listen closely to the 33rd President of the United States Harry S. Truman. “With this bomb we have now added a new and revolutionary increase in destruction. What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history”  Now think about this statement for a moment… a statement from a former President of the United States! If the ability to destroy is the greatest achievement in organized science, I’m afraid we as a species are not going to survive. At least not as we currently know it. However it does prove correct when I’ve mentioned in prior posts what determines good or evil is the wielder. The one who holds the tool or the technology. Sad for humanity that it’s the shadows bearing the greater percentage. We on the other hand find ourselves divided in every conceivable fashion possible.

This next dupe will kill millions of innocent people perhaps billions. After all that’s exactly what it was designed to do and the shadows will see it to completion. The damage caused by the mirage of fabricating an enemy is in fact already well in-bedded within the western nation. Still oblivious to the masses, yet the information exists everywhere, if only they would choose to focus on it. Nations are being divided through politics, religion, race, gender, science, wealth and stature. Care to guess who’s behind them all? One of the few important underlying differences that no one seems to be talking about is this time a good portion of it will be taking place on American soil.

When it comes to intimidating a superpower the likes of modern day Russia, I’m quoting Putin in his Op-ed writings “I think that WW3 will take place on the United State of America soil”  That still remains to be seen, but the greater question is, do you want to chance it?  If you do, then you’re betting your life on the shadows fabrication of an enemy.  I find Putin to be an extremely intelligent leader who understands the undeniable swaying of power exiting the west and heading east. No doubt he’s positioning his nation to take full advantage of the new Silk Road.

My favored quote from Putin remains “Sometimes it is necessary to be lonely in order to prove that you are right”  It’s one I’ve dealt with for a long time and on a personal note, it has been well worth the challenge as it’s cleared me of my own misconceptions. The prominent informed people that I’ve met along the way, the sincere pleasure of being able to share in conversations with such minds has made leaving the ignorant clueless an easy choice. Let them fall into their particular form of group poisoning.  No one dies from a snake bite over time its the venom that kills you.

Hopefully they’ll begin to question why they are where they are but I have my doubts. Most of their beliefs are based on little more than mistakes of geography. It was the dominant thought pattern of where they were born. Little additional fact seeking was done past that point, but somehow they just know that they’re right, right? I’ve learned how to let go of these mindsets and leave them lost in their beliefs which by the way is exactly what the shadows want. This understanding of reality continues as a valuable experience, which I will cherish my entire existence. I’ll continue this later in a second part. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jun 27, 2017, 8:04 pm

    Agree. They will push for chaos and war until they can’t do it anymore. I think the cabal is running up against resistance that they didn’t expect. The good news is that the whole world and according to many polls even the American people aren’t buying this Russia bashing. It’s a different world then it was many years ago. The alternative media, like yours, is causing real problems with the narrative coming out of the likes of CNN. People, with a click of the mouse, can get real news and the truth unlike even 30 years ago where you would have to find independent media or hard to find publications at specialty bookstores. It’s a whole new game now.

    Even though Trump is a no goodnik, his election has exposed fissures in the ruling class with the Russia bashing being a direct attack on his presidency. The cabal or deep state, as evidenced by this attack on Trump accompanied with Russia bashing, is in a crisis mode they they’ve never been in. There is real fear among this group of sinister forces that they can see the handwriting on the wall. This opens up a real possibility of dividing this cabal and at least delaying any attempt to cause mayhem in the entire world until they have become weaker and weaker.

    We will need to keep vigilant for a long time.

    • Barry Jun 27, 2017, 9:51 pm

      Here Here. People need to get out and get themselves heard. It’s people like you who are taking the initiative of putting their findings out in front of the people.I applaud your efforts but we need a lot more like you. Gary you never know who you’re helping when you take a bit of time to expose this corruption. Wish more had the courage to stand up for truth.Thank you for helping everyone who see this.

  • Gary Jun 27, 2017, 12:38 am

    Barry, very good article. I completely agree with the thrust of it. I would like to further expand on the idea that power is sucking from the US and the west into Russia, China and the east. This is a natural and inevitable historical process. A better term is the change from a US dominated unipolar world to a multi-polar one where power is more evenly distributed around the world. Everything that you say in this article is true and everything you said in the previous article on corruption, social decay and how Americans are the most stressed people really only applies to the US and west in general. The decadence in the west along with corruption, increasing police state control, etc. is not universally applied to the rest of the world. The great news is that many other countries are coming together in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and includes not only Russia, China and all the Stans in Central Asia but long time adversaries such as India and Pakistan. Fairly soon Iran will become a member. The Belt and Road Initiative in Eurasia is a very ambitious project to unite as many countries as possible in peaceful infrastructure development where it is a win win for all and when successful will be a very powerful antidote to the US attempts to cause division, anarchy and world war. Russia is playing its historic role as the great balancer in the world and is moving heaven and earth to steer the west into a more cooperative relationship and is little by little preventing any flareup that would be an excuse for world war. The results of Russian aid to the Syrian government and the impending defeat of ISIS and other terrorists is a historical turning point and you can already see the handwriting on the wall regarding the weakening of the Cabal in the middle east. The meeting of the Iraqi patriotic forces and the Syrian popular forces at the Syraq border is analogous to the meeting on the Elbe between the Russian and American forces against Nazi Germany. This meeting on the Syraq border spells doom for the Neocon Zionist project for the middle east. Sure there are forces doing their utmost to bait into Russia into war in both Syria and Ukraine but Russia and President Putin are so wise, patient, discipline and fully understand where the world is heading that they are doing a herculean effort to put a wet rag on any potential fire. Putin fully understands the importance that the world is placing on his country to stem any movement towards a third world war and he fully understands the moment. This policy of Russia is causing the cabal to go ape shit.
    Now the bad news is the possibility of the western cabal, who has ruled the west for centuries, seeing the handwriting on the wall will do something absolutely stupid and horrific like staging a massive false flag event to finally cause a world war. They may feel that they have nothing to lose. They are not in the drivers’ seat anymore. Until their power is totally taken away this threat, however slim, will continue to exist. But in the end the balance of power is what matters and the increasing cooperation of many nations who want nothing more than to develop their industry, agriculture and infrastructure will defeat the attempts of the cabal to split mankind. I see evidence every day of the cabal’s weakening hand.

    Living in the US in the belly of the beast when it lashes out in desperation and frustration is another thing, however. This is why leaving the US for the Dominican Republic is a very attractive plan B.

    • Barry Jun 27, 2017, 10:10 am

      They will do their best to initiate a major conflict and they will. It’s only a question as to what degree. So far they’ve been successful at doing so since the revolution which brought out today’s corporation known as America. Of course this goes back much further but I’m referencing solely about the western nation and the Russia bashing. I ask you once again. What was their greatest weapon? Answer an ignorant citizenry. Not bad people just good people being duped. I have full confidence in them doing it yet again. All you have to do is look at what’s currently going on in the nation. Powerful weapon eh?

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